OK, I’ve found SEB’s new home. Question is, can I afford it?

Damn, now this is drool inducing for computer geeks like me. With the new Tyan Typhoon you get a 16 core supercomputer that’ll fit on your desktop:

Soon you may able to get the power of a supercomputer in a convenient little box, and without resorting to daisy-chained Macs or quantum trickery. Tyan was showing off a desktop-ish sized box at CeBIT,called the Typhoon, that can hold as many as four blade servers of the Opteron or Pentium varieties, with a maxed-out configuration of 4 blades x 2 sockets per blade x 2 cores per chip = 16 cores possible in one enclosure. These so-called Personal Super Computers, or PSCs, can handle up to 64GB (the B2881YDS4T Opteron) or 32GB (the B5160YDS4T Pentium 4) of RAM, sport one SATA hard drive per blade, and address heat and noise issues with a rack full of quiet-running fans. Quibbles with the configuration seem minor, such as the lack of integrated KVM support for direct keyboard/video/mouse access to the individual servers, if necessary, and the use of Gigabit Ethernet interconnects. So far we’ve heard nothing regarding price, availability, or whether it can play Doom.

That should be enough to run SEB and several game servers while computing the value of pi to some ridiculous decimal place. Probably costs a small fortune, but a guy can dream can’t he?

2 thoughts on “OK, I’ve found SEB’s new home. Question is, can I afford it?

  1. Wonder how much heat those fans are blowing out…

    Would seem like it’d need watercooling, or it’s own ac.

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