Oh to have this kind of design talent!

Go check out Veerle’s blog 2.0 and prepare to be amazed. It’s an absolutely stunning layout that not only looks great, but is extremely usable as well. It’s so good that it just won 1st place in the pMachine Expression Engine Shootout for the Personal category.

I wish had a tenth of that kind of talent especially considering it’s an ExpressionEngine template and does a great job of showing off what this package is capable of. Great work all the way around. The silver lining is that she shares all sorts of design tips and tricks on her site so reading it regularly may help improve my own meager skillz over time.

2 thoughts on “Oh to have this kind of design talent!

  1. It looks fancy, but I’m not very enthusiastic about the layout.  I like this site a lot more in every way.  This is how a blog for a “Stupid Evil Bastard” should look and work(minus the server problems of course tongue wink ).

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