Newest fun way to die: Buggy Rollin’.

I’m not much for extreme sports myself being that I’m fat and getting older by the minute, but there’s something compelling about the dude dressed up as a Mighty Morphin’ Power Dork scooting along on his ass at upwards of 50MPH on the right of the page here that calls to me. What started out as a design project exploring the “displacement of the human center of gravity using various support points” has turned into the latest form of free style skating called Buggy Rollin’:

Ever since we invented the wheel, we have always found new and Xtreme ways to reinvent it so that we might either A) kill ourselves B) get an adrenaline rush. Coming in at number one for things I want to do before I die is Buggy Rollin. Although still in testing/concept phase, the Buggy Rollin suit allows you to skate in any way you can think of: lying down on your face or back or knees or hands or whatever.

Price for a full suit is currently unknown, but you can bet it’ll be expensive because just about anything that allows you to crush every bone in your body in pursuit of the extreme experience usually does. For me it’s not so much the potential for high speed harm I could cause to myself that makes it so attractive as much as it is the looks I’d get from the crowd as I skid on by sitting in a lotus position knocking over old ladies on the sidewalk. A fast moving Death Buddha. That’s a joy I could only dream of until now.

Link via OhGizmo!.

4 thoughts on “Newest fun way to die: Buggy Rollin’.

  1. That might be cool, but I can’t tell, because their web site is the least comprehensible thing I’ve encountered this year. Just because Flash exists doesn’t mean you have to use it to be Xtreme. Arrgh.


  2. Well, the guy with the wheels on his elbows, knees, and butt seems to stand as pretty X-TrEMe on its own, for one thing…


  3. I want to see a new wave of superhero wannabes wearing this gear.  “STOP, evildoer!  Dammit, now I can’t stop… don’t go away, I’ll be right back… could you maybe meet me at the foot of this hillllllll….”

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