Must be spring. I forgot my lunch.

Being ADD I tend to rely on set routines to get me through parts of the day and when I disrupt those routines I almost always end up forgetting something. Because the weather was particularly pleasant this morning and is expected to be so throughout the day I decided to leave my coat at home. This meant I needed to add a new step to my routine to make sure I grabbed my car keys from the coat pocket where I usually keep them before leaving. This ended up squeezing out the part of my routine where I remember to grab my lunch from the fridge. As a result I just realized a few moments ago that I don’t have a lunch with me and will need to eat out. This also means I’ll need to be aware of the possibility that my wife, who went through the trouble of asking me specifically last night if I wanted her to make me a lunch and then made me one when I said yes, may be a bit irritated with me when I get home today.

All this because spring is finally here. Not much of a sign, but it’ll do.

5 thoughts on “Must be spring. I forgot my lunch.

  1. 门禁: 沒人讀這blog 能讀中文  [Few, if any, of the people who read this blog can read Chinese.] [门禁 = ‘endures’]

  2. Just on your A.D.D. – you mentioned once whilst outa work before that you couldn’t get or afford your meds.
    Were you able to stock up?
    I was outa mine for a week up until a coupla days ago – first time in years.
    It’s no fun being sleepless with the A.D.D. rats in the brain.  wink

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