MSN makes it easy to find low gas prices.

Don’t about you guys, but around here the gas prices have shot up quite a bit recently. Out in Brighton Michigan where I’m living these days the prices range between $2.58 and $2.69 a gallon while in Troy, where I work, it’s $2.49 to $2.65. How do I know this? Thanks to MSN’s Gas Price Finder Thingy:

It’s pretty cool. Put in your zip code and it’ll show you the prices at the stations in your immediate area along with a map to get there with. Though a word of caution is in order: It may not be 100% accurate as they use a variety of sources to try and track the prices as is explained on the site:

*MSN Autos strives to bring you the most up-to-date gas prices possible. However, we do not receive prices every day from every station. Our partner, OPIS, obtains pricing data from participating credit card transactions, direct feeds from participating retail chains, and other survey methods. Please note that during times of extreme price volatility, these collection methods may trail the latest prices at some stations.

Still, not a bad starting point to be sure and damned handy in this day and age of high gas prices. Don’t know if this’ll work outside of the U.S., but I’m guessing it doesn’t. Still, MSN maintains portals in other countries and they may have something similar on hand there. Check it out.

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  1. Wow!? My heart bleeds for y’all.
    I’ll try to do as succinct a comparison as I can, between the US and Oz juice prices.
    US $2.50/gallon.
    Oz $1.25/litre.
    $USD1.00 = $AUD1.40.
    1 US Gallon = 3.8L @ $1.25/L = $AUD4.75 = $USD3.40/US Gallon.

    $3.40/Gallon! I don’t think you’re doing it tuff, just yet.
    Yeah, I know, it’s all relative, but wait till the day when you’re paying as much as we are now, although by that time we‘ll be paying double, unless we vote to become part of the US. LOL
    That’d be an interesting sell job.
    Just dangle lower fuel prices and lower taxation in front of the electorate – decisions, decisions.
    Personally I couldn’t care less (I’ve seen some on Les’ site use ‘could care less’  confused – sorta doesn’t make sense or do they leave wiggle room coz they can‘t commit?).

    Tell y’ what, I’m so glad I bought my little Daihatsu Sirion – 989cc and 50>60/mpg although I haven’t been outa the city limits yet to see what it’s like on a trip.
    Noisy probably. tongue wink
    Cute, isn’t it?

  2. I’ll second what LuckyJohn says.  Here in Austria gas is currently about € 0.90 a liter, which translates to about $ 4.50 a gallon.

    This is still too cheap if you ask me.  Cheap gas means lukewarm support for public transportation, more pollution, more roads, more support for war over oil…

  3. I’m not saying it ain’t worse elsewhere, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be comparison shopping if we can manage to do so.

    Trust me, I’m working out which of the hybrid cars to sink some cash into before too much longer. This old Grand Prix of mine is costing me too much to fill up twice a week just for the commute back and forth to work. Right now I’m leaning towards the Honda Civic hybrid.

  4. J.D. Powers said hybrids just squeak by on ROI. The killer happens when you need to replace the battery pack – it will depress their value as they reach that time.  A far stronger choice is a good used sedan, like a regular Accord.

  5. The UK comparison doesn’t look good no matter how you look at it:

    Average price 90.6p a liter …
    converts to $4.80 (USD) per US gallon.

  6. Tell y’ what, I’m so glad I bought my little Daihatsu Sirion

    [idiot mode on] Dude, that car is sooo fake.  Yu totally Photoshoppd the wheel onto the wrong side of the car dude! LOL!!!! [/idiot mode]

    50-60 mpg would be awesome.  I’m driving a ‘98 accord, and it’s getting about 25 mpg at most.  My wife wants to get a ‘small’ SUV (yes, that’s right.  It hurts me too, when she says it), and I want my next car to be even smaller than the Accord.  I’m thinking a Civic.

    Hell, I don’t need a sports car, just something that doesn’t freakin’ rattle when I hit 75mph.  I’m more interested in comfort and reliability than I am in performance.  Provided that the upholstery is good, and it has decent speakers, I don’t -need- to get anywhere in a big hurry.

  7. From Gordon Brown’s (Chancellor to the Treasury)latest budget today:

    Vehicle Excise Duty

    New minimum and maximum rates of VED have been introduced for private vehicles registered from 1 March 2001. The new annual rates of duty are between £0 and £215 dependent on carbon dioxide emission levels. For the heaviest polluter vehicles registered after 23 March 2006 this represents a 27% increase.

    VED (known as road tax) is yet another way that the UK motorist gets to pay more tax, that £215 = $375 USD.

    At least there is some incentive for the low emission vehicle users.

  8. In Canada, or at least in my part of Canada, such a computer program would be pointless.  Every gas station has the same price per litre in your community.  Here in Saskatoon(population 210,000 or so)every station is priced at 98.5 cents a litre.  The only time that isn’t the case is when the price is going up or down.  So when folks spot the price going up they’ll flock to whatever stations are still offering gas at the cheaper price, knowing that in an hour or three the price will be the same everywhere.

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