Let me hear you say, Vhat?

I may never own the car, but I so love this commercial:

Hell, I love all of the commercials in that series and namely, as I mentioned on DOF’s site when he brought them up, due to the man who stars in them: Peter Stormare.

Yes, I’m essentially giving VW some free advertising here. Can’t help it. It’s a good commercial that never fails to put a smile on my face. The car may or may not be total crap, I don’t know, but I love the commercials.

10 thoughts on “Let me hear you say, Vhat?

  1. I have to agree with you Les.  These commercials are funny as hell, I laugh my ass off everytime he says “VEE DAH, REPRESENTING DEUTCHLAND”.


  2. I don’t like lame ads – give most an F.
    I don’t mind clever ads though and I definitely like to grin – they say endorphins are good for me.
    Thanks Les, for the link to the other two.grin

  3. I absofuckinlutely love those commercials.

    Fantastic, hilarious, AND they snub the ghetto culture. B-E-A-utiful.

    “Let me hear you say, vhat? Vee-duvya in da house, representing Deutschland”
    Or, whatever the hell he says. I crack up so hard I can barely remember.

  4. Stormare is brilliant… but despite the fact that he’s been in dozens of movies that I liked, I can’t look at him without remembering that scene in Fargo where he’s stuffing his buddy down the woodchipper, cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth, looking at the cop with absolutely zero expression on his face… it’s like if Buster Keaton made horror flicks.

  5. I just love the fact that someone is shitting on the ricers to get them to buy their cars. This should
    do the trick. these commecials are hilarious.

  6. Peter Stormare is awesome.
    The first time I saw one of these VW commercials, I had to wait for it to show again, to make sure it was him.
    I’m with smapdi – any time I tell someone who he is, I either say “he was the blonde guy in Fargo that shoved his buddy in the chipper.” or “the crazy cosmonaut from ‘Armageddon’”

  7. He was also the italian mobster in ‘Prison Break’, another nasty role.

    BTW, I love these commercials, especially the one where he goes: ‘Time to umpimp ze auto’.  The orgasmic expression on his face when he pushes the button is priceless.

  8. Peter Stormare rules.  Even if he is Swedish. wink

    All in all, I think VW has consistently produced the most amusing commercials.

  9. yap, Great Commerical. but the truth is – – VW’s are made in Mexico… I lived in Germany and the cars there are way better.. the US market is full of VW junk made cheep, all the cars in the commerical except the focas, are more reliable, coveted, and better looking…. also – – – there form the early 90’s!!@!!!… so Vee Dub and the American car manufactures should take a hint or is it to late.. the Asian’s are kicking our ass…That’s a Fact….. the only cars with style are old American cars and Asian imports, witch run great + hold there value.. im not an idiot and will not buy junk.. have fun with you coil pack…hahahaha…. i’ll see all you VW’s in my rearview.. my fast is faster then yours…what a joke.. german car made in mexico then sold to Americans for top doller.. to pay for the commerical you just watched..

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