Fighting fire with fire: A “Chick Tract” remixed.

Go and read this before Jack Chick’s lawyers force them to take it down. It’s a surprisingly good remix of a classic Chick Tract.  Just a shame the folks who really need to read it probably won’t. Sample panel below:

Found via Pharyngula.

10 thoughts on “Fighting fire with fire: A “Chick Tract” remixed.

  1. Besides the most obvious aspects of Jack Chick’s works/ideas that are causes for revulsion, it must be said that Chick is appallingly inept at drawing people.

  2. That was by far the most awesome parody of those awful Chick Tracts I have ever seen. Great post.

  3. Heaven forfend that I belittle the genius of Jack Chick, but I must once again plug Jim Pinkoski.  Unfortunately, he’s taken down most of the pics of his (I believe somewhat heterodox, even among fundies) interpretation of Genesis, with fallen angels egging on dinosaurs to attack the Ark.  However, some nice examples of Jim’s work may be found here.  Some of my favorites:

    A good angel blasting a T-Rex
    Jesus among the peaceable aliens (Scientologists take note!)
    and finally a plausible explanation for UFO’s.

  4. I’ve considered doing another Image Dogtoring on Pinkoski, since PZ Myers did a little thing with the one-eyed dinosaur one.

    He’s the PYGMIES + DWARFS guy, right?

    If you have a Pinkoski thing you’d like me to remix, you can send it to my gmail address.

    Anyone know if he’s as litigitious as Jack Chick?

  5. Yep, that’s the guy, BronzeDog.  But as much as I enjoyed your remix of Chick, Pinkoski’s work is so silly that I can’t imagine how you could satirize it.  Not only that, but the guy can laugh at himself- you can see it in his artwork, and he showed up at Pharyngula in good humor, even while being ridiculed mercilessly (by myself and many others).  But Jack Chick strikes me as being a humorless prick who deserves to be taken down a peg or three.
    That’s just my take.  As far as I know, Pinkoski tends to just take down stuff that’s being made fun of, like the lovely dinosaurs-attacking-the-ark movie idea.

  6. I just read this as it popped up on the ‘New comments list’(don’t know why)- I have a feeling I didn’t find Chez Les (AKA ‘The Atheists Arms’- pint of “John Hampden Ale” for Zilch please, “Hobgoblin” for me, and what ever you’re having Les) until October 06.

    before Jack Chick’s lawyers force them to take it down

    Given that “Expelled” won a copyright suit against Yoko for use of “Imagine” (blatently not fair use, I can only assume an ID judge) this is perfectly legit- it is making critical comment on Chicks work.  Course he probably has expensive lawyers, so will out spend BD.  If this happens then in his letter conceeding defeat BD merely has to end it with “You won because I can not afford to fight you.  I will take comfort from camels, and eyes of needles”.

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