FeedBurner feed available for Bloglines users.

For some bizarre reason, Bloglines hasn’t been showing any updates from SEB in over a month, which means that around 40-odd people haven’t been able to read anything here for several weeks now. I’ve therefore created this FeedBurner feed for those of you using Bloglines.

There may be a short delay between entries being posted here and them appearing on the feed, but at least they will actually appear.

[Editor’s Note: Thanks Neil, I hadn’t thought of using FeedBurner for that purpose. Just for the record, I do have an open ticket with the folks at Bloglines about the issue and they’ve tried resetting the feed on their end to see if it corrected the problem, but it hasn’t. I’ve sent them another email letting them know. It’s interesting to note that DOF’s blog also doesn’t work with Bloglines.]

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