Coming Soon: SEB’s own “Call of Duty 2” game server.

I know several of the folks who stop by regularly are fellow gamers so I thought I’d take a moment to let you guys know that in the next day or so I’ll be launching a dedicated server for the PC version of Call of Duty 2. My boss is letting me realize a long-time dream of running my own server which I’ve mainly wanted to do so I could get rid of any cheaters that show up. It’s a pure server with no mods as of yet initially set to run TDM, but I’ll be allowing voting to change maps and game type.

The box I’ll be using is an old Dell Precision 420 with dual PIII 1GHz processors and 1GB of RAM and I have no idea how adequate that is for the job at hand, but the consensus is that it should be OK. Don’t know yet if I’ll have to limit availability to after-hours or not or how many players I’ll be able to support at once, but I should find that out later today. I’m going to need some help making sure it’s stable over the next couple of days so if you’re interested in trying it out and happen to own CoD2 then .

9 thoughts on “Coming Soon: SEB’s own “Call of Duty 2” game server.

  1. Man, if only you picked DoD, that’s my WW2 FPS of choice, and I mean DoD 1.3 for the original Halflife, not Source since they totally ruined the game in that version.  Any idea how much CoD2 costs now? I might could be convinced to purchase it just for this if it wasn’t too expensive. raspberry

  2. The price hasn’t come down much since it was released. Still in the $40-$50 range for the CD version and a bit more for the DVD “Collector’s Edition.” The best prices I’ve seen for it are on eBay’s listing where it’s going for as little as $20.99 after adding in shipping costs. Don’t know if that’s for used or new, though I’d suspect it’d be used.

    I played DoD for awhile, but never much cared for their take on the game. I do still have the original Call of Duty with the United Offensive expansion pack that I’m thinking of adding to the server, but I’m also open to suggestions on other titles.

  3. Stupid prices staying up high for way to long.  At what point did you play DoD? I’ve been playing since around version 1.0, but my friends played as far back as 3.1 beta.

    I don’t really have any other suggestions specifically, but all the online games I’ve played are Counterstrike (and Source), DoD (and Source), Fear (demo versions but still way fun), The Battle Grounds (Revolutionary War mod for Halflife 1 and 2), Delta Force, and Lineage 2.

    I’d say if you are a big CoD fan whether it be 1 or 2, go with that.

  4. Come on DeadGod, run a CS source server and name it … DETROIT COUNTER-STRIKE!

    I could get tons of originals to play too. Hoogz could be an admin 😀

    That’s awesome that you played The Battle Grounds chief. I used to play that all the time on HL1… I didn’t know they had an HL2 version yet. Considering how it had a pretty small following on HL1, I’m sure I’ve played with you quite a bit.

    I quit CS two day ago and probably won’t return for another 6 months: ELDER SCROLLS 4: OBLIVION

    Last night when I finally decided to go to bed the gameclock said 11 hours and 41 minutes played… And all I did was go to a few cities, do some miscnellaneous missions. I haven’t even touched the main quest yet. God I love Elder Scrolls.

  5. Actually, I played more of The Battle Ground once it came out for Halflife 2, got pretty darn addicted for a while, but then moved on to other things.

  6. I first played DoD back when it first started to take off and then on the odd occasion when a major new release came out just to see if it was any better.

    Seph, I may yet run a CS server at some point, though I’ve gotten out of CS for the most part. Even in source it seems like random headshots are way too easy to get.

  7. Seph, I may yet run a CS server at some point, though I’ve gotten out of CS for the most part. Even in source it seems like random headshots are way too easy to get.

    A CS server would be nice, I know I’d definitely add it to my favorites and considering my CS favorites are slim it would likely be the place where I would play CS almost exclusively.  And yeah, the randomness of headshots and the randomness of shots in general is a pain with CS.  It’s one of my and my friend’s major reason for disliking the game, the problem that no matter how well you handle your recoil, your shots are still totally random.

  8. I don’t know that I’d say it’s totally random, but they seem to happen with a frequency greater than you’d expect with people who just spray and pray.

    Snipers I’d expect to get a lot of head shots because they’re probably aiming for your head, but when some idiot is running at full tilt and only shooting in your general direction and manages to get several head shots in a row? Com’on…

    Anyway, I’m going to get the CoD2 server running and stable first then I’ll look into adding in some other games. We didn’t get a chance to hook it up to the external network yesterday, but hope to do it today. That whole business before pleasure thing.

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