Canon’s PowerShot SD430 is a wireless camera.

Ooooo! I think I’ve found my next digital camera. Well, if I actually had the money to spend on it. The folks over at Gizmodo tell us about the Canon PowerShot SD430 Wireless:

If Canon’s EOS 30D Digital SLR is way too much camera for your purposes but you’d still like one that lets you transmit photos over WiFi, perhaps you should consider the latest addition to their ELPH/IXUS line, the Canon PowerShot SD430 Wireless. Some quick specs: 5.0 MP, 3x optical zoom lens, two inch LCD, weighs about 130 g (4.59 oz).

Like all the other cameras in the PowerShot family, the ergonomics of the SD430 Wireless are good and the body stylish and attractive, even with the bulky wireless antenna on its side. The photos are high quality as well, par for the course. At $499 it’s a little more expensive than other cameras in its class, but Canon does package a wireless print adapter with it, something Nikon considers optional and Kodak doesn’t make available at all; if you can see yourself sending photos straight to your printer then so much the better.

OK I admit I just think the idea of a wireless camera is pretty damn cool though I can’t say that I’d make that much use of that feature. Still, we’ve been very happy with the Cannon PowerShot A80 we bought a couple of years ago and if I were in the market for a newer camera I’d definitely consider another Canon and if I’m considering another Canon I may as well get the gee-whiz cool one that transmits photos to my printer in an instant wireless-ly, right?

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