Undertaking the Brave Task of Exposing Wingnut Lies

I’d like to add the humorous weblog Sadly, No to the ranks of SEB in terms of both insight and sheer entertainment value when it comes to presenting and rebutting extremism. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Sadly, No is a site that originally began in Germany. Its primary contributors are guys named Seb, Brad, and Gavin. It is a very liberal blog, and some folks here may understandably find it a little on the militant side; however, from my point of view it does a remarkably sound job of countering right-wing rants with good humor and good logic. These fellows are far more patient than I would be, as they often deconstruct line by line highly spurious arguments from such nests of informed, unbiased opinions as Townhall, Alan Keyes’ own Renew America, and WingNutDaily. A favorite target is the self-righteous, virginal chick magnet Ben Shapiro, author of “Porn Generation.”

A sample, from today’s update:

Catching up with Clownhall so you don’t have to

Now with Scrubbing Bubbles! Since they’re doing their own ‘shorters’ now with capsule descriptions of each new column, all that’s left to do is to add spoilers.

Doug Giles (r): “How’d you like to be ‘jalapeño-peppered,’ Speedy Gonzalez?”

A Hunter’s Take on Cheney’s Mistake
by Doug Giles – Feb 18, 2006

Is the Cheney story the story we should be obsessing on right now?

Whoah there, Amigo—not while there are Mexicans sneaking over the border, with their sombreros and frijoles and a lust for the flesh of human infants.


Good stuff.

3 thoughts on “Undertaking the Brave Task of Exposing Wingnut Lies

  1. grrr All I can think of is.
    -John Lennon (Obviously)

  2. Im young first of all, and maybe its just me but I cannot understand why the media is dwelling on this.
    There are more important things than cheney’s hunting accident.
    Second, Im still stuck on the 22nd amendment being hashed up. Is this not more important?

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