SpellBound for Firefox breaks with Here’s the fix.

If you’re a Mozilla Firefox fan like I am and you’ve been relying on the Spellbound spell checker add-on to keep you from looking like a complete illiterate when commenting or writing entries then you were probably quite dismayed to see that the latest release of Firefox disables that extension because it’s incompatible. Personally, it put me into a bit of a panic which was made only worse when I saw the Spellbound homepage hasn’t been updated since last summer.

Fortunately it looks like someone else has picked up the Spellbound ball and is running with it as there’s a Spellbound Development version you can download that works with Be sure to uninstall the old extension first before installing this one. Best of all it all comes in single download rather than the two or three downloads the old version required. Ahhhh. I feel so much better now.

3 thoughts on “SpellBound for Firefox breaks with Here’s the fix.

  1. Good to know.  The initial announcement showed two or three “critical” extensions (to me) no longer working; this is the last one for me, so I’ll go ahead and work on the upgrade.

  2. Great! It includes in-line spell checking. Thanks for the head up. I have been tardy in checking Mozilla releases.

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