Some database hiccups today.

Not sure what’s going on, but it appears my webhost is having a spot of trouble with the mySQL database today. Every so often ExpressionEngine is unable to connect to the database and gives an error saying so, but hitting refresh once or twice usually sorts it out. Earlier today one of the tables related to security checks done when leaving a comment became corrupted which halted all commenting until I got around to repairing it. I’ll check with my hosting provider to see if they’re aware of the problem. So bear with us for a little while.

4 thoughts on “Some database hiccups today.

  1. Thanks dude…now you tell us.. its been that way since 6AM.  I tried the refresh thing multiple times and nada… I reconfigured (lucky I”m in the computer field) and after a number of odd things I did – it worked, but I think its more your side finally working right than what I did.  When I submitted the post I got a brand new error message (x2) but the screen flashed and the post was up..

    YOU got gremlins…  snake

  2. I would’ve figured it out sooner, but I didn’t realize there was a problem right away. I only get a few chances while at work to check on the site and sometimes comments are just sparse so it doesn’t occur to me there’s a problem. It was my mother telling me that someone couldn’t comment on her blog that tipped me off.

    Please, feel free to drop me an email if something seems screwy. Just use

  3. shit.. your host loves you. i blame the terrists.
    this is terrism. look it up im sure its in the patriot act.. you went down this evening @ 2200EST
    (db issues) if SEB goes down its turrrurism.

  4. & around 2214EST…

    I see connect problems alot with bad DNS connectivity / high load systems.. may wanna hardcode host entries (possible on windows webservers as well)

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