Sci-Fi Channel has new “Doctor Who” page and trailer up.

Looks like the folks at the Sci-Fi Channel are putting a little promotion behind their acquisition of the new Doctor Who series set to debut on March 17th. In addition to a Sci-Fi DW website they’ve also cooked up a small teaser trailer that’s airing during commercial breaks and is viewable right from the main page of their website. Word from the folks at Outpost Gallifrey also has it that they’ll be airing two shows back to back on the day it launches on the channel:

The US-based Sci-Fi Channel has made a sudden change to its schedule for the premiere date of the new series on March 17: not one but two episodes will screen that night. Now scheduled at 9pm on Friday, March 17 is Rose (episode 1) with The End of the World (episode 2) scheduled at 10pm the same night. Both episodes then repeat that night at 11pm and midnight, respectively, as well as at 11pm and midnight on Sunday, March 19. A rebroadcast of “The End of the World” also airs at 8pm on Friday, March 24, with the debut of episode 3, The Unquiet Dead at 9pm in the show’s usual slot; “The Unquiet Dead” is repeated at midnight the same night as well as at midnight on Sunday, March 26. Finally, Aliens of London (episode 4) airs on Friday, March 31 at 9pm with a repeat at midnight (and, presumably, on Sunday, April 2, but no schedule is yet available for April).

Additionally, the Sci-Fi Channel has launched its new Doctor Who mini-site featuring a brief “about” section with basic facts about the series; a “characters” section with biographies of the Doctor, Rose, Captain Jack, Mickey and Jackie (and the actors who play them) as well as the TARDIS; an episode guide to the first series; a photo gallery; and the channel’s bulletin board about the series (which, not too surprisingly, contains an overwhelming number of Outpost Gallifrey Forum posters!) More will obviously be added if the show does well and continues to a second year.

I have to admit that I’m not sure how well received the new series will be here in America, but I’m hopeful it’ll find a following as it’s really very good. It’s certainly no more cheesy in effects and stories than anything else Sci-Fi is carrying these days so perhaps it’ll carve out a niche.

In a somewhat related note: Awhile ago I put up an entry about former Fourth Doctor Tom Baker lending his voice to BT’s Text to Voice messaging service for the next three months and how cool I thought it would be to hear what that would sound like. Turns out someone has had some fun playing around with it and has a webpage up called Tom Baker Says… that’s full of all manner of funny, rude, and weird quotes created using the service. As you’d expect it sounds a lot like what you’d expect a computer imitating Tom Baker would sound like seeing as it’s limited in the inflections it’s capable of doing. I particularly liked one of the jokes that starts off with “What goes bang, thud, bang, thud, bang, thud…” as it actually made me laugh out loud even though I’d heard it before.

Thanks to Hairboy for passing along the link to Tom Baker says.

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