Lets’ see if we can piss them off!

Well it seems that we are headed for a clash of civilizations once again. Actually it’s not really that bad – but people sure are funny.

Once again the western press has done a fantastic job of baiting Muslims just to see what nuts pop out of the woodwork – and right on cue all the fundamentalists and extremists oblige by rioting and threatening to kill all the “infidels.”

First of all, I certainly don’t agree with insulting people just to see what sort of a rise you can get out of them. (This is, by the way, is exactly what was done. It was not an exercise in, or a test of, “freedom of speech!”) 

Secondly, right on cue, all these idiots fall right into the trap and start flailing themselves and howling about the insult to their religion. (And honor)

Are they too stupid to realize that this was done on purpose and their best course of action would have been to shut up about it and let it die?

All the rhetoric is now about the “religion” while I personally think it is more of a “cultural” problem between the two groups. (Christian and Muslim)
Unfortunately it looks as if it will only get worse!

Once again I shake my head in disgust at what religion can be used for! (Scapegoat)

I know everyone needs something to belive in, but lets get things back into perspective here! (Personally, I believe I will have another beer!)

5 thoughts on “Lets’ see if we can piss them off!

  1. Amazing isn’t it.  I watched local network news last night for the hell of it and then onto FoxNews/MSNBC cable/satellite and it was just a different twist on the same thing.  Although the cable/satellite channels are lying the blame at the feet of the mainstream network media and the papers, they are still adding to it in their own way by giving the radicals of BOTH SIDES their
    20 seconds of fame to spout their BS of hate at the other side as well.  I don’t know what people expect.. most of the rioting Muslims regardless of what country they are in are the undereducated and illiterates that have been kept that way for a reason.  Just like when they riot here over ball teams “winning”.. stuff not coming fast enough after the hurricanes etc.  And I don’t mean people getting food and water from the grocery store to survive, or baby food, diapers etc.. I’m talking about the dimbulbs that
    had a cart full of expensive Nike Shoes, clothes,
    TV and other electronic equipment.  Any disaster to profit from…

    We really are pathetic as the top of the food chain sometimes and deserve to be eaten by something bigger, furry and with more common sense.

    Oh… glad to see the site back up and working.

  2. If you want to believe the newspaper was trying to piss off Muslims, fine, but I think they were making a very important point.  Which is: Look!  We can’t even get an illustrator for a children’s book about Muhammed because people are afraid!  This is BAD!

    So they printed the cartoons to make people aware that the long-run goal of Islamic culture is universal Islamist rule.  They have made it very clear that they’ll brook no criticism even in other countries.  We can have freedom of speech as long as we don’t offend them

    That’s just not going to fly.

  3. First of all, I certainly don’t agree with insulting people just to see what sort of a rise you can get out of them.

    This was tongue in cheek right Les???  Surely the archives of SEB are replete with examples of this. LOL

  4. Ooops.  Sorry Les, it was moses who authored the entry. 

    Edit:  Insert moses for Les above.

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