Katamari Damacy song lyrics translated into English.

I’ve mentioned more than once my love of the very weird PS2 game Katamari Damacy and one of the things that’s most addicting about it is the music that plays during the game. Alas it’s all in Japanese so you have no idea what the hell they’re singing about, until now. A fellow fan named Kitsune over at the Quarter to Three Forums has taken the time to translate the lyrics into English for all the songs in the game. Here’s a small sample:

Katamari on the Rock (the famous na-na-na song)

(One note: The chu-chu-chu-churu chorus of girls is more than just a sound, chu is onomaepoteia for “kiss” in Japanese. Lately, ru which is a common ending of verbs has been added to foreign derived words and slang to create “custom verbs.” So, churu is a cute way of saying to “kiss.” Puts Chu-Chu Rocket in another light doesn’t it?)


Don’t worry, do your best!
In a picnic-y(*1) mood, feel so good!
What a wonderful afternoon!
Off the limits insolence until midnight Yeah!

Ball it up and roll it around, I love you, always smile for you
You’re my only Love Moon, so we’ve gotta hang in there!
Com-presssssion, com-presssSION!

With my uniformed T-shirt
Hand-knitted muffler and
And heart-warming dashing around(*2)
Playing in the sun! Say goodbye!

Everybody clump together and spurt it alllll out
On a day like this, we’ll dance, we’ll sing,
I’m the leader of the collective though
It’s my waaaaaay, It’s my waaaaaaay

NA-NAAAAAA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NAAAAA The Katamari Damacy (Repeat 4x)

OK so even after reading the English translation I still don’t have a damn clue on what they’re singing about, but it’s still catchy stuff just the same. If you find that you just can’t live without owning the soundtrack to listen to in the car you can find it through anime importers such as here at Anime Nation.


4 thoughts on “Katamari Damacy song lyrics translated into English.

  1. Thanks, Les, for the translation, but it’s not necessary. One of the coolest things about Katamari is its simplicity… just mucking around with two analog sticks. And the combination of the graphics with catchy tunes and music you can’t understand, what’s not to like? What makes it over the top for me is that it was less than $20 from Amazon for my PS2 and my seventh grader can’t come near me in head to head (or ball to ball) competition. Rock and Rolling Good Time.

  2. A friend of ours sold us his PS2 a year ago, and John and I have a great time playing “Katamari Damacy.” With its bright colors, insane game play, and bizarre side story involving the weird “Lego” family, this game is its own mind-altering drug. And the music only adds to the fun. I actually like some of the other songs in the game better than the one you translated.

  3. Hey!  I like Katamari Damacy too. I’m listening to the cd right now!  My teenage son introduced us to it.  It’s cute and silly and loads of bizarre fun.  We are Japanese-American but for the most part can’t understand what the hell they’re singing either, so thanks for the translation!

  4. i love katamari!!! and we were playing old school ps2 and they were singing on the make the moon level, and I wondered what they were actually singing. and i googled katamari song translation!!!!
    and im happy to report, that this totally made a difference in my life… thanks.

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