James Randi recovering from bypass surgery.

Not much in the way of details yet other than this brief note on the JREF Forums:

James Randi underwent bypass surgery last Thursday. He is currently in stable condition. He is receiving excellent care, but will need quiet time to recover. We will release more information as it becomes available, and we ask everyone to please respect the family’s wishes for privacy at this time.

For those who feel a need to help, please consider donating blood at your local Red Cross or Community Blood Center. Cards may be sent to Randi in care of JREF, 201 SE 12 Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316.

Randi deserves a lot of credit for influencing my move to skepticism both through his various books over the years as well as the James Randi Educational Foundation website. Here’s hoping he recovers swiftly and fully.

15 thoughts on “James Randi recovering from bypass surgery.

  1. I’ve always found Randi a bit on the smug side, as firm in his (dis)belief as any True Believer.  That said, he’s certainly done a lot of good in exposing a lot of bunk, and I definitely wish him well.

  2. Dear Sir.  I wish you well.  I also wish you luck.  In what I have been reading, you have done your homework well when it comes to exsposing the Fakes in this world.  But NOT ALL are fakes darling.  The biggest fakes are the ones that advertize.  Something to ponder, if you, yourself was capable of knowing the fate of others, 1 would you really want that ability?  Knowin the laws of: GOD’s will you must not interfer with.  2 Be able to see the death of a loved one and NOT be able to help them?  3 to actually know so much and have people chasing you all over the world wanting to know “what do you know, what can you tell me”. 
    I recently became aware of some of my abilities. It is interesting but yet scary.  What you do onto others comes back on you 3 times fold.
    You don’t have to believe in me or what I am telling you.  Just asking you to stop and think, if you could do this, would you really want the world to know?
    Thanks for taken the time to read this.

  3. I hope thebastard dies soon and in pain…

    His idea of paying 1 million is stupid as it assumes that everybody only lives for money… The false guys surely would like to get one million, it could save them a lot of minor trickeries but I wonder of somebody withany kind of exceptional capacities would like to become a guinea pig, even with one millin in the bank.

    Shure jail all the trickery idiots out there but still Randi is for me, on the skeptical side what many tricksters are on the “anormal” world, just the vissible parts and eagerto get recognition, big walking egos, but maybe out there is something else, somebody who…

  4. Crystal gives one of the lesser used defenses- “The people who can prove their powers don’t want to reveal them.” How do we know if these powers exist if they don’t reveal them. Oh thats right, they do, but only to those who really believe- those who won’t question.

    “ME”- the point of the $1m is a ‘Put up or shut up” challenge.  I’m sure if someone wanted to prove his/her powers Mr R wouldn’t force the money on them, or give it to a worthwhile cause. 

    All we want is one of these peopple of power to prove it in a way that can be seen not to be trickery.

  5. google

    cfi nostradamus usa

    to see how we stopped Randi’s Challenge

    Um…did you mean to post a link to the YouTube video that “proves” Nostradamus “defeated” the challenge but you couldn’t figure out how to post a hyperlink there Dennis?  I admit I haven’t watched the video since I am at work, but I’ll take a look once I get home if it makes you feel better.

    Funny how Nostradamus couldn’t step up and claim the $1,000,000 prize while the challenge was active though isn’t it?

    Also Dennis, you are the ass-hatted trollmongering spawn of a drunk ditch digger and the rancid womb of a wombat whore.  This thread is about James Randi having a heart attack you idiot.  It has nothing to do with the Randi Challenge aside from…well, you know, James Randi. Your kinda doing the same thing as Fred Phelps at a vets funeral, except Randi isn’t dead.  That goes for the other two asshats that posted crap earlier on this thread too.

  6. That goes for the other two asshats that posted crap earlier on this thread too.

    That was “Crystal” and “ME” by the way, in case there was any confusion.

  7. Good News Everyone! I am now announcing the amazing powers of my postcognitive trance!  YES! I can tell you, YES YOU, things that happened in the recently occurrent future of the more distantly occurrent past with a great degree of accuracy.  Now for the low, low price of just $59.99! Call Now! Operators are standing around!

  8. I have a co-worker who found a Miss Cleo soundboard online, and loves to plague me with little “Cleo-isms” on my voice mail – “Ah, you’re a Libra, aren’t you darlin’!” and the like.  Now she’s added Judge Judy-isms.  I’ll tell ya, working here can be an adventure…

  9. Randi is an idiot with an agenda. He is now in a dwindling minority. A smart person would distance themselves from his views before it becomes ludicrous and unbelievable to hold his archaic view of reality. That’s good advice for the future. You have been warned. It is quite common that gay men hold a hard view of rationalism, its protective to their way of life and in philosophical circles, supports their view of their reality.

  10. I have been warned? Is your comment supposed to be some kind of a threat?

    Not much in it to convince me that Randi is an idiot or that you offer better advice. You’ll have to do better than that if you want to win me over.

  11. Gays are rational, which is apparently a bad thing… James Randi is an idiot because he doesn’t believe in ghosts and Nostradamus and psychic powers and can demonstrate why… and Harry Edwards is smarter… I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m sold.

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