If you can see this…

…then it means the DNS changes have propagated properly and you’ve found your way to SEB’s new home. We’re now running on a VPS solution provided by the folks at TekTronic.

I owe a big debt of gratitude to Elwed for getting us up and running in our new home as he has much more experience with setting up a Linux based web server than I do and if I had done it by myself it probably would’ve taken the better part of a week instead of a day or so.

So look around and kick the tires and let me know if you come across any funky behaviors or errors as we’ll probably have a couple as we settle into place. Next up on the agenda is a revamp of the templates to speed things up a bit and makes things a bit more tidy.

Update: Traffic is starting to find its way to the new host and we’re already seeing the server creak a little so things may get a bit hairy once the DNS propagation is complete. Not entirely sure how much of the issue is due either the server not being as powerful as I thought, how much is a result of EE’s requirements, and how much is a result of me being a complete hack at making webpages that perform reasonably well in dynamic CMS systems. There’s also some fine tuning yet to be done on the server itself that may help here and there. In short, if things still seem a bit slow there’s a number of possible reasons for that and we’ll be investigating all of them over the next few days to see what we can fix.

13 thoughts on “If you can see this…

  1. Whew!  I thought I’d entered the twilight zone!

    The Zzzzz page was just too cute grin

    (I am getting intermittent You have exceeded the allowed page load frequency. messages)

  2. It’s going to be slow for awhile until I can work out what I’m doing wrong, but I hope to slowly improve things over time. Bear with me.

  3. Save your praises. Getting SEB to fit into its new home is a struggle.

    How do you fit a cluster of sites that need 32MB memory allocated to PHP into a 256MB VPS – while handling 60K+ requests a day?

    Ideas, anybody?

  4. The other question is: Would it make any difference if I were to switch to something else? Perhaps EE is overkill for what I’m doing. I don’t know. Just very frustrated at the moment. We wouldn’t be here if not for Elwed devoting way more time to it than he probably should be.

  5. IMHO, looking at the bottom of the page provides a small clue:  Page rendered in 2.3265 with 25 SQL queries.

    Not sure if it’s possible, but the more stuff you can keep static, the better your response will be..

    So what you can do is rather than generate a page every time, you generate them statically every few minutes.

    BTW – love the site..


  6. Since you bring it up… I’m not familiar enough with EE to figure out how to reduce its memory footprint, but everybody I know who ran it had performance issues (think pharyngula.org, say). Right now I seem to have succeeded to keep the CPU from constantly redlining, which buys time to investigate options.

    By the way, while the current template is resource-intensive, what overloads the site is the barrage of search engine crawlers. Spam is largely a non-issue right now. Even when 503-ing the worst offenders for the time being, the traffic volume is simply too much for the number of sustainable apache childs to handle.

  7. Deja vudu! Glad you are up and running, again. Cheers to Elwed, also. But keep an eye out for those damn Thought Police.  wink

  8. And they shall speak in languages you shall not understand…  wink

    Glad to see your up and running again. smile

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