Going to a good old fashioned ass whuppin’.

Won’t be posting much today (not that I post much on any given Saturday) because I’ll be busy laying the smack down at the Monkey’s Spank Haus, the semi-bi-monthly LAN party held by my good friend Big Red Monkey. Once more shall I crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of their women in the various virtual frag fests we have lined up for the afternoon. The name “Dead God” will once more be feared by all who confront it’s overpowering shadow of ass-kickiness!

Oh, and did I mention there’d be no small amount of trash-talking? Cause there’ll be some of that too…

6 thoughts on “Going to a good old fashioned ass whuppin’.

  1. PLEASE DON’T BAN ME DEAD GOD… Good times. I still play CS like religion only now in the Source variety. Still play with hoogz and a couple other Detroit natives now and then too. I wish there was another game to draw my attention but in these boring post-christmas months CS:S is all I have.

    Have fun.

  2. That was pretty impressive, but I have to say that I’ve never seen a better shit-talker than on Thanksgiving. I visited some friends after the obligatory family thing, and some of them were playing a game of spades.

    One guy in particular was simply phenomenal—bullshit never stopped falling from his lips for longer than it took to take a drink of his beer. Truly an amazing talent. smile

  3. The best ass-whuppins are taking down the confident.  Last week my best friend was over (spring break).  He was so sure that he would kick my ass at Super Smash Brothers Melee.  So I let him be confident until half an hour later, when he’d lost every round.  Then I layed it on him.  Sweet, sweet trash talk.

  4. I love to spank little boys on UT—and I use the name “Jesus Shaped Dildo” when I do it.  Wow it pisses them off!

    I get banned often . . . and change my IP address often grin

    Its amazing when they talk about “this is a family game!”, or “kids play here!”.  Offended by me mixing superstition and sex, meanwhile this family/kids game is about blood spattering murder!  I can see being offended by both, thats acceptable – but to find murder ok but not a silly name?

    Very sick Amerikkkan McJesus values!

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