“Castle Wolfenstein” PC case mod.

I’ve not posted about a cool case mod in awhile and there’s a pretty cool one I came across recently based on the venerable FPS Castle Wolfenstein called the FuG-01/ET that looks like a WWII field radio:

Not as extravagant as some case mods I’ve written about, but certainly a good use of the traditional rectangle shape of a PC case.

Found via Boing Boing.

6 thoughts on ““Castle Wolfenstein” PC case mod.

  1. Agreed. I dig the mod.
    its really nice to see one that doesnt
    look like it came from the import/tuner crowd
    with neon lights, carbon fiber hood, 22” rims
    and a go fast decal for added HP and TQ.

    I wish I saw more like this case.

  2. I love Wolfenstein and this is awesome.  If I had a desktop I would want a case like that for sure!

  3. I’ve only played the original a little bit as it came out back in the days before I owned a PC. I was a big fan of the updated sequel that came out a year or two ago, though.

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