Beaten senseless by my immune system, the cold takes its revenge.

I’m feeling much better, so much so that I’m back at work today though I may leave early depending on how the day goes. I worked from home all day yesterday via VPN and wasn’t able to accomplish a whole lot because most of what I’m working on right now is setting up new machines and, honestly, you really need to be present to do the initial work of unboxing and plugging it all in so I felt I should really make an effort to get into the office today. Besides that it’s Friday and the work load is likely to be lighter than usual anyway.

The only problem is I can’t hear worth a shit today because it seems the cold I caught is in full retreat—right up my Eustachian tubes—with the result being the always fascinating experience of hearing the world as though you have two huge pillows stuffed in your ears. Combine this with the fact that I suffer from subjective tinnitus which is somehow amplified by having my hearing diminished (I’m assuming I’m just noticing it more because other sounds are being muted) and you have the recipe for a very annoying situation.

That’s OK, though, as this too will pass and I’m just happy I’m well enough to make the trip up to my mother’s place to celebrate her 71st birthday this weekend, which was actually this past Wednesday. I had intended to put up a post and give her a call, but didn’t get around to doing either because of being under the weather. If you get a chance to pop round her blog and wish her a happy belated birthday I’m sure she’d be thrilled.

1 thought on “Beaten senseless by my immune system, the cold takes its revenge.

  1. I’m on day 11 of the after effects my cold. The cold was over 11 days ago but my hearing in my right ear is still blocked by a huge clog. I’m going to see an ear nose and throat specialist on Wed to see what the problem is. First time I’ve ever had an ear infection [or whatever is going on in there] like this. It’s frustrating because I feel like an old man… “TALK INTO MY GOOD EAR SONNY!”

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