They Won’t Like Us When We’re Angry

According to a Yahoo News report, Republicans are claiming that Democrats are being controlled by the “angry left,” and that this alleged anger is bad news for the country.

Former Vice President Al Gore is angry. So is Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. The party is held hostage by the “angry left.”

How’s this for irony? For years conservatives have taunted Democrats for being “soft;” now that some of them are finally speaking up, they’re accused of having an “anger problem.”

In recent months, GOP operatives and officeholders have cast the Democrats as the anger party, long on emotion and short on ideas. Analysts say the strategy has been effective, trivializing Democrats’ differences with the GOP as temperamental rather than substantive.

Because we all know that emotionality is the antithesis to logic, don’t we? I find it funny that the Left is charged with having anger management problems, yet it seems to me that much of the vitriol that is spewed around comes from right-wing pundits such as Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter. It can be argued that Howard Dean has made some comments in the past that can be viewed as mean-spirited, yet in my personal opinion I don’t think the Democrats are angry enough.

It is only reasonable to get angry if one is the minority in every branch of the government; it is only to be expected that, in the face of all the scandals and questionable practices (i.e. spying and eavesdropping) that have been the goings-on of Republicans, one would get a mite pissed off. In this regard, anger is a healthy reaction.

*This is my first post. Be gentle.* wink

4 thoughts on “They Won’t Like Us When We’re Angry

  1. And still the Democrats lie there, unable to argue their way out of a wet paper bag.  Sigh…

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