AnandTech does a photo tour of Newegg.

I haven’t bought a pre-built PC since my very first one in 1996 and in addition to building four machines for my own use I’ve built more than a few for family members and friends. One of the mail order houses that I regularly purchase from is They don’t have the absolute cheapest prices of all the mail order houses out there, but they are very competitive and, more importantly, quick and accurate. I’m willing to pay a little more to work with a company I know I can trust. They’re my personal favorite shop and one of the first places I look when I’m pricing out a system.

The folks over at are also fans of Newegg and they managed to get themselves invited to go on a tour of one of Newegg’s warehouses where they took plenty of pictures:

Established in 2001, Newegg has quickly become a household name among AnandTech readers. They originally won the hearts of many readers by offering extremely competitive prices and keeping customer service a top priority. Since their humble beginnings the company has grown tremendously, with net sales in 2005 of approximately $1.3 billion, a 30% increase over the prior year. Newegg currently stocks over 60,000 different products and ships up to 25,000 orders per day, 98% of them within 24 hours.

On a recent trip to Los Angeles we were given the opportunity to take a tour of one of Newegg’s warehouses. While we’ve been able to tour Newegg’s facilities in the past, this time they let us publish pictures and take you on a virtual tour of their facilities – effectively letting us follow the path of an order after it is placed online. Newegg sweetened the deal even more by working with us to give away some of their product to you all, but more on that later.

Newegg is trying to target 2 day turnaround for all shipments, regardless of shipping method, thanks to strategic placement of their warehouses all over the country. The warehouse we toured is a medium sized generation 2 model at 180,000 square feet, Newegg’s latest warehouse is a third generation model at 300,000 square feet in Tennessee designed to service the east coast.

They walk you through the entire process of how your order is assembled from the time the product comes into the warehouse to the point at which it leaves. If you’re a fellow Newegg fan and have wondered how they provide such excellent service, now you can find out.

7 thoughts on “AnandTech does a photo tour of Newegg.

  1. I love Newegg. I bought my entire PC in parts and it was shipped out very quickly and all arrived well packed. I got exactly what I wanted and saved about $180 over an inferior Dell model I was looking at. I have since made several purchases from them, even if I could have saved a buck or two elsewhere (for the quality standards of their service). I feel similarly about Amazon.

  2. rocks

    typicaly I use them for ram upgrades and
    misc compentents

    love the speed and the prices.

    never had a bad or mis-shipped component, not ever,

  3. My brother had to RMA one semi-dead processor we got from Newegg last year and that was the first time I’d had that happen. The return was relatively painless and speedy. I’m a big fan of the company.

  4. probably a bit less than 75 purchases in 18 months
    no probs (cross fingers, pray, visit shaman, throw salt)
    but im sure it happens a time or two. wink

    Sun microsystems support was right on.
    i had a bad Stick once and they had a replacement to me
    from texas to maryland via sonic air
    in less than 3hours 20 mins.

    I call at 730 and am swapped out before 1100.

    how bitchin is that?

    totally blew my mind when the package arrived.

  5. bah! i dare em to do it again.
    the Brocade guys deliver to my door in 18 minutes
    but they’re only like 7 miles away.
    nowhere near as fast and their support contract costs too damned much.

    Besides, i was a Sun worshipper long before then.

    too bad sun microsystems didnt join the onslaught of
    “corperate blasphemers” and use the symbol for Ra
    as their logo.. they could use a twinge of gold on the chassis anyway.. for the 1.2million spent per 4800/6800 series systems ive worked on.. ..i want immortality for those prices.

    i would shave my head again just to get the tattoo
    if i wasnt such a linux traitor.

    alas i follow the money carrot.

  6. oh wait you said, “shipping gods…”
    time to lay off the captain and coke. heheh

    well thats different then.

    when youve absolutely got to get some shit somewhere
    in the same octrant of the globe as you are in a big fuckin hurry- accept no substitutes: UPS Sonic Air

    they arent shittin and the guy shows up sweating like he ran a marathon to boot.

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