You guys burn me up.

I’ve got the itch to write an entry or two, but I can’t think of anything to write about so I’m going to take an idea I used during the 2003 Blogathon and ask you folks to come up with some Burning Questions you’d like to ask me. Think of something you’d like to hear me babble about and then ask me in the comments and I’ll see if I can’t come up with a half-way decent entry about it. Nothings out of bounds. Whatever you think would make for an interesting bit of banter, or at least funny if I can’t make it interesting.

Have at it.

36 thoughts on “You guys burn me up.

  1. What in the fuck happened to the Democrats?  I’m no idiot, but it blows my mind that in just 5 years, the Dems have gone from Bill “I’ll sleep with anyone, anytime” Clinton to being the Ralph Wiggum of american politics.  Maybe being canadian blinds me to some obvious reality, but in any case, could you shed some light on this question?

  2. What in the fuck happened to the Democrats?

    Very, very good question. I think we are long overdue for the Democrats to stand up to the assholes on the Right and stop being afraid. The one Democrat (that I’ve observed) who has actually done this in recent years has been Howard Dean. Dean has shown the Reich—er, Right—repeatedly that he is completely unashamed of who he is and what he stands for, and as such, the Right is largely very resentful (not to mention terrified) of him. We on the Left need more of Howard!

    Do a lot of people (upon first encountering you) mistake you for a Montana Freeman-type? I know I did…

  3. I’d like to hear you opine on justice.  How, in a hypothetically secular society would you think about justice?  What is crime and what is appropriate punishment and/or rehabillitation?  How ought the state – and the individual – value the life, and quality of life, of an individual?  How just can justice be?  Do you feel that you’re individual perspective on justice is different from how you think the state should view/administer justice?

  4. So why SHOULDN’T the Iranians get nukes?

    Been wanting to play Devils advocate for that for a time, so I might just hand it to you, as I still have way too much to do right now….

  5. First we got the bomb and that was good,
    ‘Cause we love peace and motherhood.
    Then Russia got the bomb, but that’s O.K.,
    ‘Cause the balance of power’s maintained that way!
    Who’s next?

    France got the bomb, but don’t you grieve,
    ‘Cause they’re on our side (I believe).
    China got the bomb, but have no fears;
    They can’t wipe us out for at least five years!
    Who’s next?

    Then Indonesia claimed that they
    Were gonna get one any day.
    South Africa wants two, that’s right:
    One for the black and one for the white!
    Who’s next?

    Egypt’s gonna get one, too,
    Just to use on you know who.
    So Israel’s getting tense,
    Wants one in self defense.
    “The Lord’s our shepherd,” says the psalm,
    But just in case, we better get a bomb!
    Who’s next?

    Luxembourg is next to go
    And, who knows, maybe Monaco.
    We’ll try to stay serene and calm
    When Alabama gets the bomb!
    Who’s next, who’s next, who’s next?
    Who’s next?

    -from That Was the Year that Was, by Tom Lehrer (1965).  A great album, and hardly dated, unfortunately.

  6. Don’t try to guilt me, Zilch, I#m arguing from a realpolitik standpoint here wink

    Nations that got the bomb ain’t being shoved around. Not hard to understand why many want one.

    BTW: Nice thing, that little flag icon. It even adapted instantly to my new location… wink

  7. I totally believe in lust at first sight, but think love at first sight is a crock of shit.  What do you think?  Is love at first sight really that warm funny feeling or is that just the start of a lust filled hard on?

    What?  You wanted topics and you know where my mind stays.

  8. I totally believe in lust at first sight, but think love at first sight is a crock of shit.  What do you think?

    I believe in love at first sight, as it has happened to me before. I also believe in lust at first sight, of which I can also speak from first-hand experience.

    By the way, thanks for the Tom Lehrer lyrics. Big fan here. cool smile

  9. ingolfson- yes, the prez of Iran was on the news last night, arguing quite reasonably that if other nations could have the bomb, why couldn’t Iran?  Not trying to guilt you at all.  And I like my cute rot-weiss-rot flag too.
    cindy- yes and yes, just like Sadie said.
    Sadie- you’re welcome.  Tom Lehrer is God.

  10. Accepting the risk that this might encourage an open thread, I’m commenting. Cindy, I’ve never experienced love at first sight, but at first sight you don’t have the knowledge of the other person to allow you to perpetuate a loving relationship. Sure you can love at first sight (I won’t deny the possibility), but it’s not worth much on it’s own, anyway. Love at first sight is of no consequence to me. Of course, I’m of the mind that love is selfish, so I would also say that it’s possible to have a loving, lasting relationship while being almost entirely ignorant of the other person.

    Now as for lust at first sight, (Carnation instant-boner) it happens with me all the time, and it happens by looking at a beautiful face. I saw a woman in the hall, and I remembered her from a political activism seminar months ago. I saw her hair, her tasteful dress, and I thought “It’s that face!”. I’m not even sure I acknowledged that she was a human being :oP. I just remember staring at her face a lot during the seminar.

  11. the prez of Iran was on the news last night, arguing quite reasonably that if other nations could have the bomb, why couldn’t Iran?

    Tom Lehrer’s Who’s Next?, anyone?

    Luxembourg is next to go
    And, who knows, maybe Monaco.
    We’ll try to stay serene and calm
    When Alabama gets the bomb!

  12. I think I might actually trust Iran with nuclear capabilities than I do the Bush administration, simply because Iran will have international oversight and the Bush administration has yet to tell the truth about anything.

    For Les.  I’d like to hear your thoughts on what, if anything, will eventually replace god as the human, emotional security blanket.  Do you Christianity imploding and another religion arising, or a complete overhaul of the god concept?  God version 4.2.1 (beta)

    On a more personal note.  Do you know where my keys are?

  13. Do you know where my keys are?

    deadscot, I bet they’re where my keys are.  And my thirty-speed bike, and my first kiss…

  14. I bet they’re where my keys are.  And my thirty-speed bike, and my first kiss…

    Damn! It’s worse than I thought.  It’s a fucking conspiracy.  International conspiracy at that. Don’t know about you, but I’m ordering closed door hearings, huge spending bills and wiretaps immediately.  I promise whoever did this to us will be completely forgotten before the end of this entry.

  15. “Poisoning pidgeons in the park
    Also a big fan.
    BTW, love is a series of actions which prove that someone else’s happiness is more important to us than our own. Therefore, only lust at first sight is possible, and, I might add, highly desirable.

  16. Love/lust at first sight:  Well, I had an experience that’s not that exactly, but made me look at it different.  During my earlier college stint, there was a girl who worked at the front desk of the dorm.  I only knew her first name, she was attractive, but I was seeing someone, not looking for anything else, so she was “off the radar”, so to speak.  One night, I had this dream(non-sexual) that I was dating her, and I had the intense love/infatuation feeling going on.  Not a sex dream, I have those and they’re all about lust.  I had been in love by that time, and since it was in a dream, I know it was at least that strong assed infatuation feeling.  It was pretty freaky, b/c when I woke up, I remembered the dream and the feeling, but the feeling was completely gone.  The only thing I felt after was this thrill of guilt when I saw her the next morning, like I had done something wrong.  Never had it again, never looked at the girl differently after that, aside from wondering how the hell I ended up with that dream.  The only other dreams that involved feelings of love were about those I loved. 

    I’ve heard that if you can realize that you’re dreaming, you can ask questions and see what your subconcious replies, but I’ve rarely ever been that aware in my dreams.  I dream pretty much every night, but rarely remember them unless I wake while in a strong dream.

    “Dead puppies… aren’t much fun”
    Okay, Ogden Edsel, but I have Dr Demento’s 20th annv. cd.  The Tom Lehrer lyrics made me think of it.

  17. Les, there is something wierd going on with the comments.  The ‘Post a comment’ form says ‘Sexy Sadie3’ over it, though I am logged in under my real secret identity, DOF.  I have noticed other people commenting on this as well.


    “Be nice to people who
    are inferior to you…
    it’s only for a week so have no fear
    Be thankful that it doesn’t last all year!”
    (Tom Lehrer, National Brotherhood Week)

    Wow, I turned my back on this thread for a day and darned if it didn’t turn into a lot of fun!  I’m commenting mainly to subscribe.

  18. Yes, another great song from the Master, DoF!

    But let’s not forget Randy Newman:

    “We give them money
    But are they grateful?
    No they’re spiteful
    And they’re hateful.
    They don’t respect us so let’s surprise them;
    We’ll drop the big one and pulverize them.”

    -from Political Science, 1972

  19. Iranian nukes are the new WMD bogeyman to support the petrodollar conspiracy?

    Messy link to an article written in 03 about the Iraq war,basically stating Saddams switch to Euros for their oil deals was the last straw if not the whole reason for the venture.
    Given that Iran is contemplating? the same,in fact it appears to be setting up it’s own oil exchange and that the US economy is it seems underpinned by the petrodollar cycle the consequences are far reaching.

    I’m a Brit and UK Norwegian oil is still traded as with most oil in dollars even though economically the Euro is now a strong contender.

  20. Because ExpressionEngine currently doesn’t have a way to implement it. It is a feature I’ve requested, though. Probably time to update that request. I’ll talk to the guys about it.

  21. It’s called Preview.

    Unless you run a small site populated by mutually amicable users, the facility to edit posts after the fact asks for more trouble than it’s worth.

  22. I’ve got a burning question:  Why no edit post button?

    So our fuckups are immortalized and can come back to haunt us.

  23. So our fuckups are immortalized and can come back to haunt us.

    Dammit, that’s some kind of metaphore for life, isn’t it? smile

  24. Master_of_puppets   on 2/02/06 at 09:36 PM wrote the following… • Permalink

    I’ve got a burning question:  Why no edit post button?

    Yeah, what he said !  If I can’t find my puter glasses I make too many typos cuz I type so fast and can’t proof read like I normally do… I don’t need anymore metaphors of my life I have enough already.

  25. Edit buttons are for whimps and site admins wink

    More seriously, other sites had major problems with people making substantial edits to their posts after the debate already moved on. Unless you run a site with nothing but friendly users, I wouldn’t want an edit function unless the revision history is preserved and publically visible. Having said that, it’s obviously not my call.

  26. even on my own site if I make a change in the body of a post (as opposed to just adding to the ‘updates’ section at the end) I always include an explanation in the updates.  It seriously screws with a debate to have earlier statements changed after the fact.

    Oh wait… The president does that all the time!  (I didn’t emphasize WMD’s as the reason for the war, etc.)

  27. I’ve put in a Feature Request on the pMachine forums for this function again and, anticipating Elwed’s concerns, mentioned that it would especially tasty if I could set a time limit on how long the edit option is available. Make it, say, 15 minutes to a half-hour and after that it’s set in stone.

  28. Any way it could flag the message ‘This message has been edited’?  Or shorten the edit time to 5 minutes for basic error correction.  Some of the discussions get rather quick, with comments only a few minutes apart and a half hour would be plenty of time to screw up the integrity of the discussion.

  29. Sorry to revive a thread, but I’ve a burning question:

    What is your policy on User reviews?

    If a user (such as I) was to submit an entry that was a review, would they be banned for life?

  30. I have no problems with you submitting a review of something. There’s a few examples of that in the archives. Technically, I have a review sub-blog that I’ve never gotten around to opening up to user submissions, but I could do that if there’s interest. Been awhile since I wrote a review myself.

  31. Well I just got my copy of the new Chili Peppers album, so I’d probably be able to make a review in about a week, with your blessing of course.

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