Yes, Virginia, there is something weird going on with the comments.

Before anyone else sends me another email about it let me just say that I am aware something funky is going on with the display of the comments since I upgraded us to EE 1.4.1. Near as I can tell something is getting garbled during the output process as the data in the database appears to be correct. Some of Bodi’s comments in one thread were showing up as being attributed to Theocrat1, but in looking at the database they’re properly attributed to Bodi. Whatever is happening is also interfering with the HTML buttons on the comment form and it doesn’t appear to matter if you’re logged in or not. The problem does make things a bit confusing, but it’s not corrupting the database so it’s more of a pain in the ass than anything else at the moment.

So please bear with me as I work to figure out what’s broken and get it fixed. I suspect there’s something I’m doing in the template that’s causing the issue possibly due to a bug in the latest release of EE 1.4.1, but I’m not ruling out the possibility that it was something I was doing incorrectly that didn’t become a problem until 1.4.1 fixed something. Either way I think it’s only a matter of time until I can get it corrected and the database isn’t being harmed so hang in there while I sort it all out.

Update: The problem appears to be with the code I use to turn a commenter’s name into a link to either their blog or their email address (depending on which they enter). Switching to just using their name fixes the problem. So for the moment the comment author’s name won’t be a link of any kind until I can figure out what’s causing the problem.

Updated update: Looks like the captcha table had a minor bit of corruption that effectively stopped all changes to the database for the last 24 hours or so making comments and new entry submissions inoperable. Took me a little bit of time to figure it out, but the database is repaired and things appear to be working once again. No idea if this is related to the weird username display problem we were having, but I’ll look into it further as time allows.

4 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia, there is something weird going on with the comments.

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