Will “Silent Hill” be a video game movie that doesn’t suck?

I’m a big fan of the Silent Hill series of games for the Playstation consoles which have managed to be creepy and unnerving on a consistent basis so I was both excited and disheartened to see that they were tuning it into a movie. Excited because I think it would make an excellent horror movie, but disheartened because 99.9% of all movies based on video games suck so hard you’ll get a hickey if you watch them.

Well if the new Silent Hill trailer is anything to go by then perhaps this will be part of the .1% that are decent. The trailer seems to show that the movie is sticking relatively close to its video game roots with an opening that is very similar to the opening of the first game though the gender of the protagonist has changed and now it’s a mom in search of her daughter who goes missing in Silent Hill after they’re involved in a traffic accident rather than a father. Not that dad gets left out in this one as he comes in search of them both. The movie will star Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean. Here’s the premise writeup on Yahoo:

    When Rose’s (Mitchell) ill daughter becomes obsessed with a small town called Silent Hill, she takes her there to see a faith healer she hopes might be able to help, only to discover themselves trapped in a strange alternate reality that comes and goes over the town in a dark, forbidding mist. After their disappearance, Rose’s husband Christopher (Bean) heads to the town to try to rescue them, only to also find himself also drifting in-between the monster-filled nightmare world and reality. Rose continues to try to find her daughter in the fog-drenched town, following a shadowy, nearly imperceivable child-like figure in the mist…

The games made excellent use of sound and the ever-present fog to invoke the heebie-jeebies on a regular basis and the movie appears set to do the same. Of course it could end up being a bunch of silly nonsense once it hits the big screen, but at least Uwe Boll isn’t involved and that alone is reason to have some optimism.


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  1. I have high hopes for this one.  The director, Christoph Gans, is also the director of Brotherhood of the Wolf (check out the Canadian 3 disc release) and a live action version of the popular manga/anime Crying Freeman.

    Freeman never got a US release, but I thought both films were very good, and very stylish.  And Brotherhood is just beautiful to look at.

    Les, I can get you copies of both if you like.  smile

  2. I’ve not seen the live-action Crying Freeman, but I have seen Brotherhood, both in the theater and then here at the house just last night. I did enjoy Brotherhood quite a bit so I feel a lot better about the Silent Hill movie now.

  3. Come on!  Super Mario Brothers was a classic! Anybody?  No?  Hmmm.

    On a side note, someone should seek a court injuction against Uwe Boll from ever making movies again.  I read somewhere that the German legal loophole allowing directors who’s movies bombed to write off their failure is being closed, so maybe there is hope.

  4. I think that was actually mentioned in a previous thread. Does Bohl have the rights to Metal Gear as well? Now there’s a movie that DESERVES to be made (unlike Dead or Alive: tittiefest).

  5. Part of it was filmed in my home town Brantford, Ontario.  It’s sad when you think about it. They used our downtown because it was so run down looking they didn’t have to spend all that much money to change it for the film.

  6. arc_legion:

    Yes Yes Yes. I would hand over Cdn cash at the cineplex with a silly grin on my face for an MGS movie… I’m thinking Eric Bana as snake?

  7. “at least Uwe Boll isn’t involved and that alone is reason to have some optimism…”

    Amen to that.

    I’m waiting for the trailer to dwnload, but I’m hoping to see freaky, twisted genetic horrors.

    Oh, and will they provide an optional UFO ending on the DVD?

  8. How odd. The change to the mother as protagonist, and the casting of Sean Bean, make it sound eerily like another movie of his, “The Dark”. It, too, featured a mother looking for her daughter in gradually weirder and weirder surroundings. I wonder if the change and the casting were related? (I hope (not having played the games) that Silent Hill will have something a bit more frightening than the other movie’s demonic sheep…)

  9. Regarding the Metal Gear info…… *panic**panic**panic**panic*.

    That said, I do hope thay do more than the whole “Oh, it’s moving irregularly and it looks wierd” thing for creatures. Silent Hill 2’s protagonist, for instance, faced off against a “Pyramid Head” – a monster sporting both a painfully large helmet (shaped like a pyramid) and a big sword. Pyramid Head was known to rape things (a mannequin comes to mind), and was a reference to the sexual frustration the protagonist had with his wife, who, IIRC, had been crippled by an accident or disease of some sort.

    Needless to say, I hope they’ve done their research, because there’s lots of excellent material in the series. Having seen the trailer though, I worry that they didn’t. I’m a little leery, despite remembering the first Silent Hill very fondly.

  10. I thought i had a twisted mind. Anyway i have question, Do you know how to get ahold of Jim Smyth From the cnn live show? He worked for ford motor company for like 38 years. If you do I would like to have it to let him know that people are thinking of him and i know what he was trying to get across but the show wouldn’t let him. I would be thankful………

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