Western Digital unleashes a half-terrabyte hard drive.

Seems I’ve got hard drives on the brain today. Stumbled across a Western Digital press release about their new 500GB hard drive:

LAKE FOREST, Calif. – Jan. 26, 2006 – Western Digital Corp. (NYSE: WDC) today announced it is shipping its new high-capacity 500 GB Serial ATA (SATA) WD Caviar® SE16 desktop-class hard drives. Providing a half terabyte of capacity for data-intensive applications such as graphic design, digital video editing, personal video recorders and advanced business computing, WD Caviar SE16 500 GB drives also deliver high 7,200 RPM performance with 300 MB/s transfer rate, 16 MB cache and Native Command Queuing (NCQ).

“The WD Caviar family of hard drives delivers the reliability and performance that customers expect from WD,” said Don Bennett, WD vice president and general manager of desktop storage. “The extreme capacity and high performance of this drive address a variety of demanding applications and expand WD’s portfolio of storage products. From 6 to 500 GB, WD offers a diverse range of hard drives to meet our customers’ wide-ranging storage needs.”

How much will this monster set you back? A mere $349.99 through WD’s own online store with free shipping to boot. That’s cheap at twice the price. That 1GB hard drive I mentioned having used back on my old Amiga? Yeah, it cost something on the order of $2,000 or so. Which is why I had it on loan.

Hmmmm. A half-terrabyte gaming PC would be pretty damn wicked…

5 thoughts on “Western Digital unleashes a half-terrabyte hard drive.

  1. Think Big Les! Why buy one when you can have two for twice the price?

    Two of those puppies in a Raid0 and you have a slightly faster whole terrabyte HD in your gaming rig.


    Naked Ape

  2. amiga 64? lol i still have 3 of them in the attic with built in hard drives..thought i was so cool with all the games..now if only i could find the power supplies i would check them out..though i sill have one of the tv tennis games working perfect up there…kids thought it was hillirious when i played it a few months back.

  3. The new WD 500G drives have a seek time of
    8.5-21 ms.. whereas the Cheetah 146G SCSI
    & FC drives average of 3.5ms..

    ..not that we all have a FC or a SCSI controller
    in our home systems.

    I suppose if your going for fast fast fast
    I would look to ‘solid state’ drives in the
    near future.. you gotta love giant flash drives.
    (these are what they used in the two mars rovers;
    also the OS was redhat wink  )

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