Today’s Foxtrot comic has an Easter egg.

Take a look at today’s Foxtrot strip:

Do you see what I see?

14 thoughts on “Today’s Foxtrot comic has an Easter egg.

  1. I just got it. I had no idea what was going on at first (I’m not particularly Internet-literate, and binary code is mumbo-jumbo to me), but now I feel like even more of a nerd since I cared enough to look it up.

    The perplexed (as I was) can get some help here.

  2. Thanks Les. I thought today’s strip was pretty funny, but this takes it to a different level.

  3. I feel like such a dork now. Had to look it up as well, but still feeling very nerdy. I’m going to send this to my husband to see if he knows what it says without looking up each letter.

  4. Bryan, anytime you have a URL that gets rejected here that you feel shouldn’t be then please let me know about it so I can add it to the white list.

    Which I’ve just done with the non-encoded URL for the site you listed. grin

  5. Now that I actually get it, it’s pretty funny.  I didn’t bother to look it up though… I have lost the way of nerd-fu!

  6. Ha!, This reminds me of a nice little comic (not webcomic sadly, and in German as well) that I saw once:

    Couple sits at at table drinking tea.

    First panel:

    He, reading the newspaper: “Did you know that the whole universe can be described in terms of binary logic?”

    Second panel:

    He, expounding some more while she looks on: “Just think of it! You and me, EVERYONE in this world can be expressed as ones and ‘zeroes!”

    Third panel:

    She, laconically: ‘There’s probably more ones than zeroes tho’.

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