Sylvia Browne reveals she’s a hypocrite as well as a fraud.

Sylvia “I Talk To Dead People” Browne has accidentally revealed the secret to her “psychic” abilities and showed she’s a hypocrite in the process. Seems she was on George Noory’s Coast to Coast radio show back on January 3rd when all the drama with the West Virginia miners was taking place. Sylvia was tripped up by the initial false report that the miners had been found alive and had to do some serious backpedaling after the truth came out. There’s a partial transcript in an article at, of all place, Fox News. Emphasis mine:

Browne, who had just announced that John McCain would run against John Kerry in the next presidential campaign, was relieved to hear from Noory that all but one of the miners was alive.

Noory: “Had you been on the program today, would [you] have felt if — because they heard no sound — that this was a very gloomy moment — and that they might have all died?”

Browne: “No. I knew they were going to be found. I hate people that say something after the fact. It’s just like I knew when the pope was dead. Thank God I was on Montel’s show. I said, according to the time, it was 9-something and whatever Rome time was. And I said he was gone, and he was.”

But the situation was fluid, something Browne — ahem! — obviously didn’t sense despite her claims of being able to speak to the dead, among other things. She couldn’t have imagined that within a short time, the entire story of the miners would change completely — and make her look very foolish indeed.

Noory soon announced that there were new reports that all but one of the miners was dead.

Browne — who was still in the studio taking questions from listeners — had to say something. Now she was just riffing: “I don’t think there’s anybody alive, maybe one. How crazy for them to report that they were alive when they weren’t!” Then she added: “I just don’t think they are alive.” She cleared her throat, and there was a deafening pause.

Noory went to a commercial.


So will this mean the end of Sylvia’s career as a $700 a session psychic? Ha ha! Don’t be stupid like so many of her fans are. It’s not like being wrong has ever stopped her before. She’ll just do what she did during the radio show and just pretend she never bragged about knowing they’d be found alive and her fans will just pretend right along with her. Just like the folks who are defending James Frey’s book A Million Little Pieces that I talked about the other day. She might lose a few fans, but there’s plenty of folks out there that need to believe she’s the real thing and who feel she’s changed their entire lives. Her message, after all, is a positive (if expensive) one.  She’ll just keep right on making shit up as she goes along and her fans will keep spending way too much money swallowing it whole.

Link found via The Two Percent Company and Skeptico.

50 thoughts on “Sylvia Browne reveals she’s a hypocrite as well as a fraud.

  1. Like folks listening to “Coast to Coast” are going to notice a little inconsistency like that?  Or care?  I mean, crikey, anyone listening to that show is either certifiably insane or already chuckling in disbelief.

    Two nights ago, driving home from the airport, I had a choice between sports talk, a couple of smug conservative assholes, a liberal lunatic whose spittle was actually flying out of my stereo speakers, and “Coast to Coast,” where I got to hear the usual cryptozoological UFO conspiracy bits.

    I listened to “Coast to Coast,” of course, because it was at least entertaining (and a chuckle is always better than an aneurysm).

  2. So will this mean the end of Sylvia’s career as a $700 a session psychic?

    Of course not. The True Believer will ignore the slip, the apologist will “rationalize” it away.

  3. 90% of the coast to coast listener’s ARE insane.. but it’s a good show that allows the other 10% that like the shows that have legit guests that are credible to listen to a talk show thats purpose is to promote alternative thinking and requires a VERY open mind.

    If nothing else the CtC show is talk radio entertainment that’s off the scale…

    oops i did a …

    those damn aliens

  4. I personally like Coast to Coast, don’t get to listen to it often anymore seeing as they are always changing the time it is played here and I don’t much care to listen if Art Bell isn’t doing the show.  Heck it’s usually better listening than anything else on at 1 AM in the morning anyways.

  5. and a chuckle is always better than an aneurysm

    ***Dave, that’s how I get through the day.

    The True Believer will ignore the slip, the apologist will “rationalize

  6. While I use to take Slyvia’s words with a grain, I still thought that she had some credibility.

    After reading about this though, I have come to the realization that what she writes is bullshit.  Sure she gives people hope, but false hope isn’t something I am interested in.

    Thank you for posting this.  It has made me realize something I should have a long, long time ago.

  7. Sylvia Browne is the biggest joke in the psychic forum. She is an embarrasment to mankind, not just her colleagues. It is difficult to understand why Montel and Larry King allow her to soil their stages with her haphazzard mutterings.

    I have read documentaries written by people who have been guests on the shows with her. They claim that many of her blunders are edited out before the show is aired to public….so imagine what the studio audience gets to see. She backed out of Randi’s challenge, (lucky for her). I have a feeling that would have been the death nell for her.

    Montel…..I used to like your show. Its not worth the mysterious ratings. You are intelligent. Dump the charlatan and move on to subjects with real meat.

  8. no, she might be ok, its just that no one is ever accurate with anything which is normal,its stupid to depend on someone else for your entire life not take advice here and there.

  9. no, she might be ok

    Depends on what your standards for “ok” are.  Mine are a bit more stringent than yours.  Or rather, I would say Browne is “ok” in the sense that she’s a human being who probably doesn’t deserve to be pushed in front of a train, but who certainly doesn’t deserve to be regarded as anything other than a lying charlatan.

  10. It’s easy to say that you heard that blunders were edited out.  What blunders were edited out?  I’d love to hear that.

  11. Who’s worse in your opinion, Ms browne or Mr John, I see a K or Q or W????????

  12. For God sake woman…..just watch her on TV.  I don’t need to detail her blunders….she makes them every day on national radio and TV.  Think about her spot on George Noory.  Christ….I talked to Noory right after that show and he told me that he was very distraught with her and spent two hours bitching at her about her miss call on the miners.  He told me personally that he was done with her. 

    Take a reality pill…….this woman has shown America that she is a fraud on National TV.  Anyone who supports this freek of nature needs medical help!!!!!

  13. not that I am in anyway saying she is real or correct.. especially after reading the above transcript.. but what about all the missing children she has found?  What is your take on that?
    Just curious

  14. Show me a single child she has found. Just one. Show me how she made a detailed prediction before the case was solved that actually matches up with what reality turned out to be.

    You won’t find any. All her claims of having helped find various children are always made after the child has been found. It’s easy to be right when you just have to read a newspaper.

  15. No arguments here! I laughed the first time I seen her. She takes flake to a whole new level.  Montel I thought was intelligent, he fell for her crap! lol……  I must say you have an intriguing pic, what is behind you?

  16. Sylvia is a joke. I predict that she will never win the JREF Million Dollar Challenge…See? I’m a psychic to… we just need to wait for that prediction to come true. LOL!

    She is a fraud and is afraid it will kill her million dollar empire if she looses JREF. Of course, she’ll just rationalize it away, and the idiots of the world will believe her lame excuses.

    Why are there no lifeguards for the gene pool?

  17. We have assholes like Ms. Brown in Holland as well. And not only hot shot psychic celebreties. As a matter of fact: A neighbour of mine says she can talk with the dead… And she is not the only one I’m afraid. We are surrounded by the insane… You are right. Keep up the good work!

  18. I got one for that old great white Sylvia buffallo Browne and here it is ,I asked my Grandad an Elder who tells it like it is and our culture want,s no money for services and hold no claims of phsycic nor prophet power as Mr,s Browne does so my Grandad tells me to issue a challenge to this Sylvia Browne because he is an old hand at seeing and divining reason and Buffallo Chipshit !
    So can you help me with the challenge remember Spirit Doktors don,t use the word shaman unless required to so can you issue the challenge to a phsycic battle with browne and Spiritdoktor Crazywolf ?Many thanks make the old man happy and maybe this one will get Browne off of her hill ?

  19. well i think sylvia is only human she can be wrong but how come she could not dignose her friend montels illness it took 21 doctors and she said his house would be sold in 2 mothes well it was not so she said if he changed the retailer it woul no shit i even knew that well i guess i must be pshychic call loca pshycic

  20. I was going to ask her to translate into English as my American isn’t too good but then I realised it’d fall on deaf eyes (is that a mixed metaphor?) cos she probably won’t be back to read it and I didn’t want to waste my time in commenting … so I didn’t.

  21. I wrote sylvia browne a letter and sent it out to this address 35 dillon ave campbell, ca 95008. And the letter came back to me. So is she for real or is she a fake. And she goes on the Montel show come on he can do better then that. And I beleaved her and read alot of her books.

  22. In Holland right now – yes, right this moment and perhaps you won’t believe this – the sane in Holland still have to deal with Uri Geller and Char and some kind of a baby whisperer… On television, on radio, in the papers and in the heads of to many Dutch people. And as a matter of fact you’re telling me indirectly that we will get Sylvia Browne as well! Godsammeliefhebbuh (=a Dutch curse)!

  23. I’m not sure what to think yet. I know 2 or 3 predictions she’s made(and when said them without a doubt in her mind straight up) and proved wrong. I know she said Michael Jackson is going to be convicted & guilty & going to go to prison. Not guilty was the verdict. There were others that all had to do with celebrities,mostly their relationships but I can’t remember which ones at the moment. Oh one was that Jennifer Lopez and her man were going to divorce or wasn’t going to have a baby. One or the other,and the other one was different celebrities. Already proved false predictions, the one about the divorce was proved cause there was a time frame she’d said & already had passed. Watch reruns & you’ll catch some of these false predictios.

  24. Silvia Browne has never clamed to be 100% right all the time. It is not like talking in a telefon. It is not easy to understand the messages she recives from spirits. There for she can be Wrong some times. The rest is what we call BELIVING.

  25. @ Sandra Rose fredriksson:

    No one is 100% right but she didn’t even apologize? Didn’t even admit she was wrong? No condolences, no ‘ it’s horrible for the families’ no nothing but ‘I was right (when we all know she wasn’t!), I am right, me, me, me.’ She disgusts me. She writes a lot about love, and bla bla but I see no love, humbleness or kindness in her. And telling people their kid is dead? When you’re not even 100% sure? What’s wrong with you women?!

  26. Sylvia Browne is responsible for being a catalyst that has greatly expanded my conscionsness and opened me up to a greater reality. as far as being a charletan, she is no more guilty than the thousands who used various forms of doctrines that were supposibly influenced by “christianity”. heres my question, how many murders, how much guilt, is Sylvia Browne responsible for perpetuating compared to individuals, or groups to make claim they stand for God, truth, or divine will by using established religious dogmas?
    Yes, on quite a few occasions she was wrong/misinformed, but compared to her, how many of those who attack Sylvia Browne have inspired/brought hope to millions of readers. I’d rather be misguided by a “charlatan” than spend my life pointing out the flaws in others…..such a futile existance. A fulfilling existence is to find something worthwile to believe in, where as when ones sole purpose is to discredit another individual is quite a bleak existence. Cro Maat!

  27. Is Sylvia Browne so insecure that she sends her sycophants out to scour the web for six-and-a-half year old posts criticizing her?

    And are you under the impression that this blog is pro christianity or any other religion?

    Then again you’re obviously a brain-dead woo-woo believing moron so your lack of comprehension really isn’t surprising.

  28. For starters, religion (including christianity) has for eons kept man in bondage because of superstitions impossible to disprove, and dogma that is impossible to abide by. Second, people (like Sylvia Browne) have taken advantage of the intellectually lazy and spiritually crippled for too long. however, the message she conveys through her books (whether or not she actually wrote them) is one that resonates to benevolence and love/Gnosis.
    To criticize, or be skeptical is a natural response from one who has not found his own truth, and to protect those who otherwise are unsuspecting or vulnerable. This is a natural response from someone grappling with their own doubts, who may need validation returned because of his lack of security in his own beliefs.

    In the assumption i’m a brain dead woo-woo believing moron, you are misguided, for belief is nothing more than an assumption with conviction. i am (like Slylvia Browne) in fact a Gnostic, which derives from Gnosis (knowledge)
    Let me elaborate:
    all that is seen, comes from the unseen. you don’t have to be religious in any sense to be able to comprehend something so simple. oh yeah, I guess uv and infrared rays have no effect because they can not be detected by the 5 senses.. and oh yeah, solid objects are in fact dense and unmoving (like your level of consciousness) because the naked eye is unable to see it from an atomic perspective.
    but technology proved all that to be true, and if anyone lacks comprehension, its brain dead skeptics who have not the capability of comprehending anything that is undetectable by the limitations presented when using the five senses to discern what validates reality. Oh i have a wonderful idea, find something to believe in thats greater than your self…but its easier to let the dead continue to bury the dead.
    and pertaining to your comment referring to me as syncophant who scours the web for 6 year old anti-syvia browne posts, this is actually new to me, because i just got internet access…..i spent much time up to the present reading BOOKS (including most by Sylvia Browne) and living an authentic life too busy to knock those who actually made something with their lives, and contributed to bettering millions.
    (might i add, i am not capable of believing until i actually put something into practice, so, i too have a healthy amount of skeptism)
    additionally, rather than living a futile existence that involves criticizing that which i oppose, i choose to focus my energy on that which empowers/encourages others. (actually, it was completely random that i came across this site, i am just amazed at how many losers are out there whose purpose is based on finding the faults of others, but have nothing to offer in return. as the saying goes, lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.)
    have a nice life………………………………………….. :I

  29. quite an extensive vocabulary

    1.regardless of ones arguments about the (in)accuracy of Sylvia Brownes predictions, her books inspired me (and millions of other seekers) and brought forth concepts your feeble mind could never have any hope of grasping.
    2.seeing that it’s impossible to prove a negative, your argument is nil.
    3….such a futile, meaningless attempt at a life that yeilds absolutely nothing worthwhile……
    4. after six years of running a site devoted to defaming an individual who continues to gain notoriety, the joke is obviously on you ( i wouldn’t put it past any idiot that this sites key objective is, in fact, to promote Sylvia Browne)
    5. In all fairness, for those who felt betrayed (if they are’t fictional characters to begin with) by Sylvia Browne, TOO BAD!!!!!. any one who actually takes the time to read and digest the information found in her books have no need to consult with a “psychic” to begin with!!!! Too many are the times i saw these idiots on the Montel show who were asking her questions that would have been answered if they actually sat down and read her books. Obviously they were either illiterate or intellectually catatonic.
    6. last, it is quite unlikely that anyone who displays such devotion to undermine the success of another, rather than use their limited resources to make something of themselves, isn’t a candidate for membership into MENSA. However, the subject remains oblivious that he, himself is but a specimen being observed by others who posses intellegence far superior to his own. yes, the purpose of your existence is for the amusemnet of others, or to promote the very entity you seek to discredit…….again, such a futile existence based on hopelessness and aimlessness.

  30. You sure are funny, Todd. For someone with such vast intellectual capacity you seem unable to format your comments in a readable fashion. Or are you so busy expanding your consciousness that you don’t have time for even basic punctuation?

    It’s great that you’re able to find inspiration from the books of a charlatan who provides false hope to millions, but the act of criticizing her is neither futile nor uninspiring. I’ve heard from hundreds of people over the years who were once believers that opened their eyes to the evidence and saw her for what she truly is, a fraud milking the faithful for all she can get. It’s interesting to note, however, that for all your claimed superior understanding that you’re actually pretty clueless about this site and its owner.

    For example you write:

    after six years of running a site devoted to defaming an individual who continues to gain notoriety, the joke is obviously on you ( i wouldn’t put it past any idiot that this sites key objective is, in fact, to promote Sylvia Browne)

    This site isn’t devoted to defaming anyone. This is one page of a personal blog with almost 8,000 entries over 10 years on topics wide and sundry. I spent an hour one day writing up this criticism of Sylvia and then I moved on to other topics because, really, she’s not important enough for me to devote very much time to. I think she’s been mentioned maybe another three or four times over the 10 years. You’d already know this had you just clicked on a few other entries, but you were too smart for that.

    As for her continuing to gain notoriety. Ask any dozen people in any random room who she is and most won’t be able to tell you. She’s built up a niche of people who live on wishful thinking and she’s made quite a bit of money off of them, but she’s hardly a well known name among the general population.

    And, no, I’m not trying to promote Sylvia Browne. The opposite in fact, which is why I don’t mention her very often. She honestly isn’t worth a mention most of the time.

    last, it is quite unlikely that anyone who displays such devotion to undermine the success of another, rather than use their limited resources to make something of themselves, isn’t a candidate for membership into MENSA

    I have an IQ of 160 which does, actually, make me a candidate for membership into MENSA. As for devotion to undermining Sylvia, hard to see how one page out of 8,000 is devotion to much of anything. What’s really amusing is how much you think you’ve got me figured out when it’s apparent you weren’t even aware of who owns this site let alone know anything about me. But how can that be? You read BOOKS so you is smart!

    You keep sucking from Sylvia’s woo-woo teat there, Todd. It’s seems pretty clear you need the outside validation to keep that ego inflated.

  31. in all fairness, Sylvia Browne inspires people, you give further justification for the cynics to be even more depressed. Again, for those who “opened their eyes” and now see her as a fraud, that is irrellevent to the fact that we were positively affected after reading many of her books (which any of us doubt can be said about you/haven’t been given any reason to think otherwise)
    It’s all too easy to attack concepts one has a poor understanding of. (spiritual/metaphysical, and those covered by many others/also found in Slyvia’s books) Claiming to have an IQ (Intellectual quotient) of 160 in no way indicates your I.P. (Intellectual Potential), nor does it deem you as a compassionate person (which is an indicator of authentic intelligence)
    Additionally, one must take into consideration some notables who were perceived to be quite intellegent which include Hitler, Manson, Bundy, and Jim Jones. (calculatting, inellectually gifted perhaps, but possessed by Ego and devoid of true benevolence, compassion or acknowledgment of a higher intelligence than their own twisted reasoning.)
    As far as notoriety and fame goes, compared to the overall positive effect on humanity, there are reletively few people who know the name Tesla, but many who indirectly benefit from his genius. Fame and noteriety can not be the sole indicator used when determining ones overall (positive) effect on humanity, for many of the geniuses and gifted personalities were/are unable to relate to the mediocrity of the masses. These circumstances also bring about another group of those who remain obscure, with nothing positive to contribute (like yourself) with a false impression that they too, will/do have a significant impact on the collective. In short-Delusions of Grandeur.
    We have, in fact, took a stroll through your aimless rants and criticism of actions taken by others you disagree with (at times perfectly justified based on a fair argument, but often unproductive without offering any viable alternative.)
    None of which, offered any positive reinforcement, and lacked any substance or wisdom that would be worth remembering by our successors.
    ((to further distingush between that which potentially inspires, or that which further depresses, and to have a better understanding of the effect you have upon the individual/collective, we strongly reccomend Power Vs. Force by David R. Hawkins M.D., Ph.D).
    In no way do we intend to demean your opinions, or freedom of speech, but rather put things into perspective. That being, no matter how painful it may seem, you can spend countless hours (which you apparently have) demening the belief systems/opinion of others (despite how ridiculous they appear to be) but in the end, your efforts will yield absolutely nothing, because there is something stronger, more enduring than the human ability to reason, and that is the perseverance of faith, of belief based not on any physical evidence, but convictions of the heart (i.e. irrational ignorance to the skeptic)
    Pertaining to those who continue to wander aimlessly, angry, resentful and dismayed at the world, and hold tight onto guilt/embarrassment of feeling as if they were decieved, Have you offered any real Hope or inspiration, or encouraged anyone to forgive the shortcomings of others? From what we read, you seem to take the easy way out by being there to reinforce their pre-existing hopelessness and further distract anyone who visits your site from recognizing the inborn grace that indwells every human being despite their tendency to annoy or disagree with you.

  32. Yes, intelligence is futile, follow Sylvia Browne without doubt and at whatever price. She won’t deliver, so what? Tangible results are for serial killers.

  33. Congratulations on your website here and this particular webpage pertaining to Sylvia Browne. I believe you are providing a valuable public service which enables people to come to their own conclusions about this self proclaimed pyschic. I also believe the average person doesn’t have a spare US$700 dollars lying around to speculate with, on the off chance that a spirit is floating around on the ‘other side’ just waiting to use Sylvia Browne as a mouthpiece for them!

    Sylvia Browne takes peoples money quite happily and in return offers flippant, inaccurate advice (some of her so called medical advice could be perceived as down-right dangerous) in a condescending manner with no appearance of any empathy for obviously grieving and vulnerable members of our society. She does not apologise and admit wrong doing when her more sensitive ‘readings’ are proven to be quite clearly off the mark… ie Shawn Hornbeck and certainly does not concern herself with the resultant distress expressed by these grieving families.

    As far as I’m concerned, any person preying on weak and vulnerable members of our society needs to be held accountable for their actions. But I also believe it is our god given duty to exercise caution and do due diligence before engaging in relations with suspect persons. Any other approach I believe would be foolhardy and a gamble.

    In closing: I certainly would not credit myself with a high I.Q. but believe that my Emotional I.Q. is not too bad! I do have a moral compass of sorts and strongly believe that we will be held to task eventually. So in the meantime I try to conduct myself each day in such a way, that I can wake up in the morning and think ‘Yes I can live with myself and my actions’. I wonder what Sylvia Browne thinks when she wakes up.

  34. People that believe in psychics and mediums should be killed. If you believe and are reading this go take a nap on the nearest railroad tracks.

    Lets rid the human species of idiocy. We can at least help out our future bros by ensuring the dumb dont reproduce. If I was dumb Id take one for the team. Do your part dumbasses; kill yourselves.

    Its so hard finding people to converse with. Sometimes I just want to die and leave this hell. Ill probably just move to a third world country where at least they dont know any better. Americans sicken me more and more with their lack of critical thinking and impulse control.

    Who decides who lives in the new smart utopia? The smart people, duh. Read the comments, pretty obvious who is smart and who isnt. Wont be that hard.

    See you in hell

  35. Give poor ol’ hideously haggardly Sylvia Browne a break. After all, that phony mental midget is so fugly and talentless that she couldn’t make it as a prostitute with a brown bag on her head or in the circus as a freak who can juggle knives. Maybe she should take up juggling knives with a brown bag over her head though. She could use her psychic powers to avoid the blade slicing her nose off to spite her sea-hag face. ;(

    One does wonder how she wipes her horse’s arse with those nasty fingernails. The stuff of nightmares for certain.

  36. Delia, I’m not sure how pretty or ugly Sylvia happens to be has any bearing on whether or not she’s a fraud. You can be very pretty and still be a charlatan fleecing vulnerable people of their money.

    Let’s criticize her over her actual faults, not subjective evaluations of her looks.

  37. crikey mate…that todd gives me the willies…hmmm maybe i watch to many horror films. what i dont watch is SYLVIA BROWNE….

  38. just a heads up ok? but some sylvia browne supporters and even members of her staff have been known to visit “anti-sylvia” sites like this and post alot of bullshit defenses like “well she’s been right 85%” or “what about all the children she found”. And im sure thats what is happening here. right now. Ive seen them do it on other blogs

  39. its a way of making her look “credible” under false pretenses and there ‘s no use debating with them. just thought id try to help…


  40. wow….never knew paranoia AND disbelief could exist side by side…..Oh yeah, Sylvia Browne is also an Illuminati mind-slave employed by covert subsidearies of MK Ultra operations and is currently in the process of destabilizing the magnetic current maintained by earth in order to speed up the polar tilt as an attempt to invite catacalysmic disaster upon non-believers…..perhaps it might be wise to remove your tin foil helmets, look in the mirror and realize in the process of bringing someone down, your equally making an ass of yourselves….

  41. Fiftyfour, please show me the comments that suggested Sylvia was part of some secret society or any of the other wild claims you put forth? I don’t recall anyone saying any of those things.

    What was said was that she’s a fraud and the original article provides evidence that supports that claim. There’s nothing paranoid about that. I don’t lie awake at night worrying that she’s coming to get me or is reading my thoughts or, really, think of her much at all. I also don’t think she’s some evil genius out to destroy the world. She’s a piss-poor entertainer who milks her audience for as much money as she can. She gives false hope to desperate people and should be ashamed of herself.

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  43. she did say in her book (End of days) that “In 2020, China would catch a virus that causes pneumonia” Well, its February 2020 and China has certainly caught a virus that causes pneumonia.

  44. The coronavirus outbreak started in 2019, not 2020. It also doesn’t necessarily cause pneumonia unless it goes untreated. Additionally pneumonia can be caused by a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi so you could literally pick any year and any country and make a prediction about a virus causing pneumonia and odds are you’d be 100% correct. Nothing psychic about it.

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