Oprah sees the light, confronts Frey on her show.

Poor Oprah. She feels she was duped. Just two weeks ago she was calling into Larry King Live to voice her support for James Frey and his memoir titled A Million Little Pieces saying that the questions over whether Frey fabricated large portions of the book were “much ado about nothing.” Today she had Frey back on her show and confronted him about the accusations:

NEW YORK – In a stunning switch from dismissive to disgusted, Oprah Winfrey took on one of her chosen authors, James Frey, accusing him on live television of lying about “A Million Little Pieces” and letting down the many fans of his memoir of addiction and recovery.

“I feel duped,” she said Thursday on her syndicated talk show. “But more importantly, I feel that you betrayed millions of readers.”

Frey, who found himself booed in the same Chicago studio where he had been embraced not long ago, acknowledged that he had lied.

A sometimes angry, sometimes tearful Winfrey asked Frey why he “felt the need to lie.” Audience members often groaned and gasped at Frey’s halting, stuttered admissions that certain facts and characters had been “altered” but that the essence of his memoir was real.

“I don’t think it is a novel,” Frey said of his book, which had initially been offered to publishers, and rejected by many, as fiction. “I still think it’s a memoir.”

Well I still think of myself as an international super hero admired by millions and sought after by women, but that don’t mean it’s true.

So for the moment it appears that Frey’s career is now in a Million Little Pieces, but it doesn’t really matter. He’s made some decent pocket change off his little ruse and even if he never has another book published he probably won’t be hurting for money anytime soon. Unless he’s stupid enough to squander it. In which case he’ll be ripe for a new book about his rise and fall which will undoubtedly be another Oprah Book Club selection once it’s published.

5 thoughts on “Oprah sees the light, confronts Frey on her show.

  1. Can’t a book be good if it’s just plain old fiction these days? I mean, I read quite a few books last year that weren’t true, but they were still damn good.

    Funny thing: Stephen Glass wrote a partly fictionalized account of his own lies.

    I guess he and Frey should compare notes?

  2. Bachalon, sure books can be good if they’re fiction, but therein lies to key to this sordid tale.

    Apparently when Frey originally approached various publishers with his story he categorized it as fiction and they all gave it a pass. No one was interested in publishing his book until he started claiming it was a non-fiction memoir.

    I’m willing to bet Frey never expected it to go on to become the phenomena that it has. Had it been a moderate success he’d have pocketed the money and moved on, but once Oprah hyped it it got a ridiculous amount of attention and, inevitably, closer scrutiny.

    Not that he has a lot to complain about as he’s made some good money off of it as well as getting more than the average 15 minutes of fame from it.

  3. God I hate Oprah.  What a fucking megalomaniac.  Oh, boo-hoo someone lied to you.  You feel betrayed, do you?  Well then wipe those big ‘ol crocodile tears with thousand dollar bills, you goddamned phony.  Fuck I hate her.

  4. Oprah’s a fake, self-aggrandising egomaniac.

    Then again, so are all talk show hosts.

    I’m just not in her target demographic, because I’m not a black woman.

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