Man breaks leg while kicking spider.

Man, they sure breed some tough spiders in Australia:

A 19-year-old broke his leg in two places while kicking at a spider in the NSW Southern Highlands.

NRMA CareFlight said the teenager was flown to Liverpool Hospital in a stable condition from a property 25km west of Mittagong after the incident involving a large huntsman spider before 1pm (AEDT) on Thursday.

The force of the man’s kick at the spider broke his right leg in two places and also killed the spider.

Panic much? That’s a stunt he’ll never live down.

10 thoughts on “Man breaks leg while kicking spider.

  1. Serves him right, the silly bastard. But some of us are rather down on spiders due to the presence around Sydney of a species – the funnelweb – which was deadly until they developed an antidote a few years ago.

    Unfortunately when the males want a root they go walkabout and often end up inside houses. If you put on clothing or a shoe with one inside, you’re in for a bad day.

    When I was a kid it was the same every summer – a few shark attacks and one or two funnelweb deaths.

    Keep up the good work guys.

  2. I looked up the Huntsman spider and from what I saw I’d probably break my leg kicking at it too. Obviously being an arachnophobe I would try to run shrieking like a little girl into the night, but if I was cornered… I’m just saying. Broken leg or spider mauling.

    I have two legs. shock

  3. I can almost match this story.

    My mother (JethricMom? smile) recently had to go the the ER, after seriously injuring her hand by flicking one of those orange ladybugs off of her arm.

    She tried to flick it so hard, that she ripped a tendon in her hand.

    The ladybug lived.

    My brother’s only question to her…“Did you at least come up with a better story before you got to the ER?”

  4. A highschool classmate of mine broke his leg way back when. He tried to kickstart his motorcycle and it kicked back – kicked him clear over a fence, as a matter of fact.

  5. well the story goes that he was at a crusader camp and during dinner the campers spotted the spider and started carrying on about it so he decided to kill it and to kill it he got up on a table or something and did a karate kick and as he was coming down from the kick… which indeed resulted in the death of the spider, his other leg came down smack on the table and snapped then had to get airlifted to liverpool hospital. the amusing thing of it all is that so many people know about it even people in like Utah it certainly must have been a slow news day

  6. @ Martin Hadley:
    well, actually he was not being silly, he was my camp leader.. and he told us that he put too much force into kicking the spider that he fell backwards into a table, breaking his leg.

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