Italian judge orders priest to prove Jesus existed.

Looks like the whole debate over whether or not Jesus actually existed is about to be settled once and for all in an Italian court:

The case against Father Enrico Righi has been brought in the town of Viterbo, north of Rome, by Luigi Cascioli, a retired agronomist who once studied for the priesthood but later became a militant atheist.

Signor Cascioli, author of a book called The Fable of Christ, began legal proceedings against Father Righi three years ago after the priest denounced Signor Cascioli in the parish newsletter for questioning Christ’s historical existence.

Yesterday Gaetano Mautone, a judge in Viterbo, set a preliminary hearing for the end of this month and ordered Father Righi to appear. The judge had earlier refused to take up the case, but was overruled last month by the Court of Appeal, which agreed that Signor Cascioli had a reasonable case for his accusation that Father Righi was “abusing popular credulity”.

Yeah, I know this case doesn’t really have a chance of settling the dispute simply because so many folks will continue to be delusional believe regardless of whether or not it can be definitively proven one way or the other. That’s just one of those things about being highly credulous. Still, it should make for some amusing theater while it lasts.

10 thoughts on “Italian judge orders priest to prove Jesus existed.

  1. How do you PROVE (or disprove) the life of someone that long ago with any certainity?

    Anyway, even if it could be proven that he had existed, that would be no proof of anything supernatural about him (though it would give some people quite a lot of “We told you so!” ammunition).

  2. The priest would probably just say something like, “He exist cause I have faith (I have heard this one before),” and people will swoon.

    F’n idiots


  3. Anyway, even if it could be proven that he had existed, that would be no proof of anything supernatural about him

    Exactly. While there may be some proof that a man who matches many descriptions of Jesus Christ lived two thousand years ago, there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that he was the son of “God” (who likewise has no proof substantiating his/her/its existence).

    So-called faith is the only evidence that exists for the very religious, yet it seems to be all the proof regarding the veracity of their beliefs they need (or indeed have). Would that they didn’t so readily expect others to see their personal faith as “proof,” though. I certainly don’t, particular in the cases of fundamentalist Christians (and many Muslims) where the so-called faith seems so thoughtless and blind.

    Anyway, I don’t really expect this suit to create much of a dent in mainstream Christian circles, particularly on the American side of the pond. Since many Americans barely seem to grasp that there are other countries in the world besides their own, and since their opinions of other countries tend to be less than informed, my guess is that most Christians and the Right in general will probably chalk this story up to the secularization of Europe and not pay it much attention (though they may harp about it for ten minutes).

    Plus, when one’s faith is strong (or blind) enough to dismiss physical evidence of dinosaur bones as playthings of Satan, I somehow doubt a lawsuit halfway across the world is going to have much effect.

  4. ROTFL!

    Les, you make a funkin’ funny good times forum w/ shit like this.

    I love your sense of humor – its refreshingly dark and poignant.

    Kinda like Lewis Black.



  5. According to The Times article:

    *The Gospels say that Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary in Bethlehem, grew up in Nazareth, preached and performed miracles in Galilee and died on the Cross in Jerusalem

    jminnis: Gospels written later; writers were not eyewitnesses; no town of Nazareth existed

    *In his Antiquities of the Jews at the end of the 1st century, Josephus, the Jewish historian, refers to Jesus as “a wise man, a doer of wonderful works

  6. It is a matter of faith, either you believe,you don’t believe or you’re not sure.  I fall into the third catagory.  I believe that a man named Jesus did live in the first century, A.D.  I believed that he preached to the poor and the sick and the down-trodden and was man of compassion and believed in the good that he was doing (giving hope those that were left hopeless until he came along. Where I tend to have my doubts about his his rising from the dead.  I think those that “eye-witnessed” it, may have used it, not for personal gain, but because they so strongly believed that he was the son of man, that they may allowed thier religious fervor to compromise their grip on reality. All of that said, I think the world is a better place because moral compasses, such as the major religions of the do exist…Christianity being the kindest.

  7. just wanted to make a note on how i enjoyed your,um,note. its refreshing to NOT hear the usual…wel you probably know.

  8. Christianity is the kindest? That’s definitely a new one on me. I’d put forth Buddhism as being kinder in many respects than Christianity.

  9. of course he existed, I have seen pictures of him all over the place.  He has reddish auburn colored long straight hair, blue eyes, light complexion and a nice smile.. . . . just like other jews.

    LOL – even if it could be proved that he existed, so what? lot’s of people have “existed”  it doesnt prove he is holy or anything.  jeeze.

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