If Big Media gets its way the future might look like this.

An excellent bit of fiction on what might come to pass if DRM wins the day: Burnoff: Part 1 – The Bad Guys Win:

Going to the movies is not what it used to be. Security at the studio-owned theatres is heavy, it’s not a trip to be taken lightly. But if you want to see the film everyone is talking about without waiting a year for the home release, you have little choice. When you enter the lobby the first thing you see are long ranks of tiny, thumbprint activated lockers. This is where you must leave all of your electronics, your personal server and peripherals, even your watch, and you had better not be wearing smart spectacles or contacts. As you enter the security zone you’re scanned for anything you may have forgotten. Cochlea and optical implants must be capable of responding with a coded RF identification signal to indicate their systems are secure and cannot record. People with older models, or models implanted abroad where such interrogation is illegal, are turned away. Perhaps they would like to see one of the older releases? Once through the scanner you must submit to a biometric ID test – this is where the known bloggers, hackers and spoilers are ejected. Finally there is the non-disclosure agreement to be signed – these days most moviegoers choose to sign via the MPAAs annual subscription, just trying to take some of the hassle out of visiting the cinema. Finally you get to see the film. In the auditorium the audience is constantly scanned by an AI looking for suspicious activity, so don’t rummage in your pockets for too long. It’s strange that all this effort to protect the movie industry has done so little to improve the movies.

Tarmle’s vision of the future is certainly a worst-case scenario, but it’s still worth thinking about.

Link via Boing Boing.

1 thought on “If Big Media gets its way the future might look like this.

  1. Sounds a bit like cyberpuk to me (especially the full piece). And who REALLY rules cyberpunk universes? The hacker.

    No, really, this will never work fully. Won’t stop them from trying and fucking up the normal consumer at least halfway – the guy who doesn’t like to fiddle around with semilegal, very technical solutions (at least not all the time).

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