FFRF Separation of Church and State Quiz

So, just What Do You Know About The Separation of State and Church? Take the quiz and find out. This is specific to America so it’ll be interesting to see how well some of you “furriners” do on it.

Like ***Dave, who saw this first, I scored an 18. The average score is 12.

19 thoughts on “FFRF Separation of Church and State Quiz

  1. Damn, I only got 17. After spending a few years in Florida during the Newt Gingrich era, I forgot that some Catholics are pretty rational about secular government, and got both of those questions wrong.

  2. I got a score of 15, which means that I’m “more informed” than the average U.S. citizen. I’d say that’s pretty good, though it’s hardly a difficult accomplishment. wink

  3. I scored 19 out of 21 so I’m a First Amendment Scholar. I’m not sure how I did so well but must admit the comment about Catholics allowed me to answer those two questions quite confidentially.

    I credit my hanging out here as the reason I did so well. I’ve learned more at SEB than any other place besides school.

  4. I forgot that some Catholics are pretty rational about secular government

    That’s because Catholics have a long tradition in this country (and some others) of being persecuted.

  5. 18. Errors – religious freedom in the colonies, mottoes on money, and presidental oaths. That’s kind of scary for an Irishman. I think I’m spending too much time on these damn blogs.

  6. that is kind scarey..but if it had been about the english goverment and the church i would of got bout 4..

  7. Congratulations! You scored 19 correct out of 21!

    18 – 21: Wow! First Amendment Scholar

    I missed the one about the two cases—I didn’t remember whether the families were Jewish or Catholic or what.  Still, not bad grin

  8. I got 14.  It’s interesting to compare Canada and the US in this (and many) regards.  Prime Minister designate Stephen Harper ended his victory speech with “God Bless Canada” on monday night, which startled me.  I can’t imagine an American reacting the same way about Bush saying that.

    Another difference between the two countries I find very telling:
    US: Life, liverty and the pursuit of happiness.
    Canada: Peace, order and good governance.

  9. 13 Kicking myself over a couple of answers that would have put me in the next bracket.
    Like Carol says I don’t know how well I would do on religion/constitution in the UK.
    We don’t have a constitution as such
    The constitutional law in the UK is spread over all sorts of documents and precedents as far as I am aware.
    I think there might be a slip of ancient parchment somewher that sums it up
    operor ut vos es told insquequo nos dico vos efficio secus
    Do as you are told until we tell you to do otherwise grin

  10. 14, but I was taking wild guesses on a fair few. Hopefully enough people doing the test will have their eyes opened by the answers though. I know mine were and I hadn’t had it drilled into me that America’s constitutionally Christian.

  11. 15, w00t! I scored three better than the average American.

    (actually, the average American would never even visit that site, so I scored more three more than the average American interested in the separation of church and state, holy crap)

  12. Benoir: 15, w00t! I scored three more than the average American.

    (actually, the average American would never even visit that site, so I scored three more than the average American interested in the separation of church and state, holy crap)

    Bart smastard – I only scored 12 correct from 21. Kicking myself over a coupla stupid things I answered incorrectly coz I didn’t think.
    I did get the Hitler one correct tho’.
    If they’d asked me something about Oz I prob’ly woulda scored less.
    I s’pose this is a plus (?).
    Then again when I remember the alcohol and other drugs that have saturated this brain, I forgive myself for being such a dunce, unconditionally.

  13. I got 19. I picked the Virginia colony instead of Providence for #8, because, I mean, “providence” doesn’t exactly sound secular, and I picked Lutheran for #14 instead of Catholic because Lutheran seemed more likely for the upper midwest. A lot of the question I got right I only knew from reading this site, like the ones about the “In God We Trust” motto. I got #17 right, but it seemed awfully close to a trick question; it’s not like any president has publicly disavowed a belief in christianity, so far as I know.

  14. Sorry BENOIR – I attributed a score to you that shoulda been to Aussie MICK – put it down to too many drugs in years gone b(u)y or too much VB, too recently.

    But, if I’m being half-way honest, I just wanted to see that photo of me again – Vietnam – January,1970 – pissed (in Oz that usually means drunk), dog-tags sarcastically intermingled with ‘happy beads’, clear-eyed, my own teeth, 3/4s the weight I am now, and totally aggressive – as mad as an cut snake – a highly trained, mean, green, killing-machine – so opposite to the pacifist I am now … sorta.

    Within a month or so of that photo being taken I was introduced to Marijuana – my favourite drug – so passive (but my lungs have crashed – can’t play anymore) – I spent the next 9 months in relative oblivion, 24/7.

    Youth: Oh! How it is wasted on the young.


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