Every WoW gamer’s worst nightmare…

I wish there was an Epic item like this…

Still, pretty cool that I made it into one of my favorite comic strips!

9 thoughts on “Every WoW gamer’s worst nightmare…

  1. Oh man… everyone know you pick up the item before bragging about it…  raspberry

    And congrats on the “mention,” let’s just hope you’d be less clumsy and Blizzard more organized.

  2. Say, Les – a question (curiosity, not criticism): what is the legal status of you reposting such stuff (webcomics) on your site?

  3. Strictly speaking I’m violating copyright by reposting the comic strip. According to the FAQ on the UComics.com website that hosts Foxtrot I can put content on my site, but it appears they mean via a subscription process for daily strips. They don’t actually say that’s the only method, but I can’t find an actual declaration with regards to occasionally linking to a specific strip on their site so I’m probably violating copyright in doing so.

    Based on the number of blogs I’ve seen that link to the odd strip every now and then at the UComics.com website I’m betting that they’re not going to get too upset and see this as a bit of free promotion. Though if they were to send me a cease and desist letter I’d comply with it immediately.

  4. Funny that comic comes out now. I just got addicted to Diablo 2 a few weeks ago. But coming back to school, I have a terrible connection and inevitably, just as I find the guardian, I get disconnected.

  5. I loved when I got disconnected in an area where a massive mob of critters was sure to swarm me when I reconnected.  Sure enough I did, and there was no way I was going to be able to retrieve my corpse without a lot of help.

  6. I DC’ed from a battleground and when I returned the battle was over. Strange part was, though, I couldn’t get out! I had to wait for the server to stop petering out.

    Today in Orgrimmar on Drak’thul the innkeeper went missing and nobody could set their hearthstones. It’s been wierd, even for a new server.

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