egoSurfing made simple.

When you go to Google and type in your name to see how many times you’re mentioned throughout the web that’s known as Ego Surfing and it’s a somewhat popular pastime among bloggers. It can take a bit of work, though, as your name may not be as unique as you’d like to think it is. For example I share my name with a real estate agent, a jazz musician, and—ironically—a religious theme park owner so you have to spend a little time sifting through the results to see how much of it actually is about you.

Enter the folks at egoSurf with their handy-dandy web application that allows you to put in your name and your blog’s URL and then they will calculate your egoSurf rating for you. Not only does it give you a score, but it gives you a nifty little graphic indication of what your current ego ranking is. In my case I currently score a respectable 8,389. Of course it helps a lot if you use your real name when posting as typing in different variations will give back differing results. Putting in ***Dave for ***Dave Does the Blog resulted in a whopping 0 ego points despite the fact that I know I refer to him using that particular nickname all the time. Change it to Dave Hill, however, and it does a little better with a final score of 960 ego points, which is surprisingly low in my opinion. ***Dave should have a couple thousand points just for the number of times I’ve linked to him myself.

So there you have it. An easy way to see how many people are talking about you behind your back and the wonderful things you write about every day on your blog. Check yourself out and see how well you score and then tell us about it in the comments.

Link found via Collision Detection.

2 thoughts on “egoSurfing made simple.

  1. There is some weird sweet spot for me… After a certain point adding more succesful domains actually caused my ego to go down despite more results actually being returned… Weird. My highest was 1449

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