Drugs really do make you stupid.

Or at least methamphetamines do. Some idiot in Florida by the name of Enrique Rodriguez Vasquez got doped up while staying at a Fort Bragg Best Western and burglarized the motel office wherein he left a berating note about the terrible service which had his room number on it:

Police found a computer hard drive, television satellite device and $200 reported missing from the motel, said Fort Bragg Police Lt. Floyd Higdon. The stolen equipment was valued at $1,500.

Vasquez’s poorly spelled note berated the motel manager for being absent from the office.

“There was no one here to attend us guest in rm427. You even left the office unattended. You could have been burglurized … Your lucky I didn’t steele,” the note said in part.

Damn, he sounds like some of the nut ball commenters that stop by SEB on occasion.

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