Congrats to dETROITfUNK on the NPR interview.

Randy Wilcox over at dETROITfUNK was interviewed on NPR yesterday about the former Motown office building in Detroit that was razed to make a Super Bowl parking lot. Randy is an amateur historian and he spends a lot of time exploring abandoned buildings in Detroit and photographing them. I’ve written about his blog before because I stop by on occasion as I find the photos simply mesmerizing. NPR was talking with Randy about some of the documents and artifacts he and others found in the old Motown offices prior to their being torn down.

When Motown left town, the company left behind a huge amount of memos and paperwork, often signed by Motown artists. In 2004, Randy Wilcox went inside the building and came away with some of those items. Wilcox posted many of the documents, along with pictures of the building, on his blog, DetroitFunk. Michele Norris talks with Wilcox about what he found.

You can hear the interview by clicking here and you can see the artifacts recovered here on dETROITfUNK.

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