Choice of music during halftime show isn’t well received.

I’m no sports fan, but I would’ve loved to have caught the halftime show during last Sunday’s football game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New Orleans Saints. Seems the Buc’s cheerleaders started the show off by dancing to Rock You Like A Hurricane by The Scorpions.

On Wednesday afternoon, a Buccaneers’ spokesperson apologized for the song, calling it an oversight and saying it was not their “intent to offend anyone.”

The team officials noted the song was part of a dance routine the cheerleaders have performed to all season. He says the song, “Rock You Like a Hurricane” will no longer be played at games against the Saints.

Oopsie! Needless to say, the choice of music upset a few folks including some Buc fans. I found it quite funny myself, natch.

2 thoughts on “Choice of music during halftime show isn’t well received.

  1. I’m just offended that they are using extremely old, bad music for their routines.  Clearly, people who make up “dance” routines for football games aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. They might be very nice and cute, but not necessarily very bright. They surely did not make the selection with the intention to be jerks. They just have bad taste.

  2. last i checked the song was about getting laid.
    all kinds of refrences to stuff ‘not hurricane-like”
    behavior… and a lame refrence to ‘sting’ i suppose for their namesake. the article drones on to make
    comments about trailerparks like they only exist
    for those displaced by recent tragedy… ..folks were living in them long before ivan and the other
    storms hit. im pretty sure theyll keep on keepin on
    just the same. give me a fuckin break.

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