Burning Question: What in the fuck happened to the Democrats?

A couple of weeks back I asked you folks to send me your burning questions and I’d try to answer them. Bet you thought I’d forgotten about them, eh? Anyway, one of the first questions came from Master of Puppets who asked a very good question: What in the fuck happened to the Democrats?

Here’s the short answer: I’m not entirely sure myself.

I don’t have it on the sidebar any more, but I used to have a small summary about me over there that listed my political affiliation as “independent” because I’ve never registered with any of the various political parties out there.  I’m often just as unhappy with the Democrats as I am with the Republicans and outside of those two parties the rest of the offerings aren’t all that appealing even if I thought for a moment that they’d ever have much influence on American politics. A lot of folks assume I’m a Democrat because I do tend to favor them over Republicans, but it’s really more along the lines of choosing the lesser of two evils in my mind. A sure-fire way for the Democrats to ensure I don’t vote for their candidate in the next Presidential election, for example, would be to nominate either Joseph Liberman or Hillary Clinton. In contrast I would vote for John McCain in a heartbeat.

In all honesty I don’t claim to be particularly politically astute. I tend to approach politics (and politicians) like I do most everything else in my life. Look at the issues, listen to the various proposals being offered, consider the source of the proposals along with how likely it is to actually come to pass, and try to pick people and policies that seem to be the most fair and even-handed. Because of my liberal-libertarian leanings I tend to vote Democrat, but not by a huge margin as there are plenty of Republicans as well as some of the lesser-popular party’s candidates that have received my vote. I’ve never voted straight party line on anything and I probably never will as I consider each issue/candidate individually before making a decision on them.

Having said all of that I don’t know that I can offer any significant insights into the problems the Democrats are having other than stunningly obvious ones such as the fact that they seem to lack any kind of a cohesive vision to sell to the voters. Overall the Republican’s approval ratings are taking a beating right now so there’s not a lot of point in flogging that horse much harder when they should be presenting to the public how they’re going to fix the fuck ups handed to us by the Republicans. What are they going to do to deal with the high energy prices, the burgeoning health care problems, the war in Iraq, etc. if we hand over the Congressional majority to them? They haven’t said much about what they’d do differently and to me that’s a large part of the problem.

Like I said, pretty obvious.

18 thoughts on “Burning Question: What in the fuck happened to the Democrats?

  1. For the most part, democrats don’t play the dirty games republicans do. The more fantastic and degrading a story, the more apt people are to believe it, too.

    I see the machinations of key republicans as opportunistic, dishonest and petty and given the amount of control the party has, it makes little sense that they act as they do: They’re like an invading party enjoying the spoils of war.

    American politics in general is more about power and reward than anything else and it’s our faults. We seem to value negative traits for the shock values they afford. We prefer soap operas over self-improvement journals.

    I can’t help feeling I’m living in an alternate universe these days.

  2. That’s the most annoying damn thing about the democrats. The only nationally-recognized one is Howard Dean, and half the time he comes across as a lunatic. We get all hot and bothered for guys like Barack Obama, and then pick someone like John FrankenKerry to run for president.

    Fucking fuck the fuck, but it’s infuriating to have such a weak, vulnerable administration, and the opposition can’t even get anyone to pay attention to them!

    Then I look at this picture, and I can laugh again. For a few minutes.


  3. I consider myself an Independent, though every single time that I have voted (since I became registered in 1995) it has been for a Democrat.

    I see a lot of validity in Brock’s post about Democrats generally not stooping to the low tactics engaged in daily by Republicans. And for everyone who is about to yell “bias:” sure, this is a biased viewpoint, but then again I am admittedly a politically biased individual, so bite me.

    On the other hand, I think many of the Democrats have taken the Republicans’ bullshit lying down for far too long. That is why I am so proud and relieved when a Democrat actually stands up for his/her views in a completely unapologetic manner. Why else do you think Bill O’Reilly and other Republicans are so threatened by Howard Dean, for example? I’ll tell you why: because he speaks his mind and he does not let his right-wing adversaries intimidate him. See, the Republicans are so used to the Democrats ceding to them that when one occasionally does not, they get all wigged out. I know it’s been said several million times, but I’ll say it one more time: we need more Democrats who will stand tall and refuse to bow down to the belligerent Republicans.

  4. fuckit. skip the polls and wait for the victor.
    research said victors financial ties then head straight for the market.

    You can count on big money. especially if its
    a republican.

  5. I wish the democrats would do something really dramatic, like put Teddy Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton on a barge and push them out to sea.  They could try to get someone with charisma to run for president, too – equally unlikely.

    Einstein said everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.  Oversimplification is the plague of today’s politics, but politics runs on sound bites now.  Candidates who say “we’re going to do complex analysis of complex problems and tailor solutions to them” or “We’ll hammer out a consensus that might not make anyone joyous but will allow everyone to have some stake” just don’t have a chance.

    Adlai Stevenson said:

    “America is much more than a geographical fact.  It is a political and moral fact—the first community in which men set out in principle to institutionalize freedom, responsible government, and human equality.

    There is a New America every morning when we wake up. It is upon us whether we will it or not.

    …just before going down to defeat.  Years later, Ronald Reagan sailed to victory with the slogan “It’s morning in America!”  That trend has finally embedded itself into a wall of absurdity.

  6. Sexy Sadie, yes, Dean’s an alright guy. He gets a little excited once and screams “Yeeeeeeearrrrrrrhhhhh” and everybody runs away embarrassed. It became all about the “I have a scream” speech. How fickle we are! I’d rather a politician say (whatever that was) than “We’re going to war”. I’m silly like that.

    Years later, Ronald Reagan sailed to victory with the slogan “It’s morning in America!

    Are you certain he didn’t mean “It’s mourning in America”. That would make more sense.

  7. See, the Republicans are so used to the Democrats ceding to them that when one occasionally does not, they get all wigged out.

    That’s close, but I think with the power of the propoganda machine, it’s important to note that subservience is a rule. I watched Bill O’Reilly once. Once. On the show thay had a Liberal commentator who barely contributed anything, who was easily distracted, and who looked ugly.

    Not kidding, they asked this pushover to come back. The reasons should be obvious. When I think wigging out I tend to think it’s emotional and reactive, and so I don’t think wigging out is an appropriate way of describing it. They devalue and eliminate potential threats to the established norm very systematically, and very easily. When reason actually works against this, just appeal to emotion and some moral high ground and it’s easy to let it sit.

    To be honest, I would have moved out of Canada years ago had I had the money. The US has proved to be a very ambivalent ally.

  8. Sadie, what you said.  The Republicans are more skillful than the Democrats at exploiting the shortening attention span of voters.  When Reps say “Anyone who opposes us is a traitor.  Who’s a traitor?”, the Dems grovel and say, “Not me, nossir.  Where do I sign?”.  Despicable from both sides, but that’s politics.

    Of course, it’s always been like that: politicians must sell themselves, one way or another, to get power.  But the current collusion of the Dems with the monumental stupidity of the Iraq war and the increasing public funding of the Administration’s rich friends is unsettling, to say the least.

  9. my post was eaten by the “ethernet”… oh well shit happens..

    What I said basically was in alignment/agreement with what zilch just posted.. 

    There is no lesser of evils any longer.. so now what before we all start calling each other comrade and clicking our heels and that’s not
    to get back to Kansas either !

  10. Zilch said; “…it’s always been like that: politicians must sell themselves, one way or another, to get power.”

    Doh!  That called to mind another quote from our hometown guy:

    “The idea that you can merchandise candidates for high office like breakfast cereal is the ultimate indignity to the democratic process.”
    – Adlai Stevenson

    Dreaming: do you think the public will ever get sick of posturing, self-serving idiots and start demanding men of insight and human values as leaders? /dreaming

  11. no we already have a moral republican
    as our fearless leader. just ask him. Thats what
    the public wants and believes because they are stupid.

    “i am gonna sell you up the river” just doesnt
    get the voters on your side. you have to lie to the
    retards about your agenda and you will succeed.
    its the fuck your fellow man system now. there are no more traitors, they all do it. its the american way. long live freedumb.

    but god forbid you fuck an intern in the oval office
    in the seat of power.. oh no. time for a multi million dollar scandal that supposedly rocks the
    nation and a presedential impeachment.

  12. Problem is not morals of the current, the problem is using them as the door opener to push his religious agenda which caters to the far right, while he buddy before him used his lack of to cater to the far left which embraces such a lack of as the proper way to be.

    The majority of Americans are in the middle but its the two extremes that continue to pass the baton back and forth and rule the roost -THAT is where the problem lies.  What seems to be stupidity on the part of the overall public is really apathy.. its easier to ignore it and hope it goes away or someone else will fix it then it is to make a stand against this lunacy from the fringe ends of both parties and send a clear message that it will not be tolerated anymore.

    .. as I said earlier “mushroom people” and human lemmings waiting to be shown the cliff.

  13. They could try to get someone with charisma to run for president, too – equally unlikely.

    On the other hand, maybe Obama will run in ‘08.

  14. As you can see from the little flag, I’m a canadian, but as US policy affects the world, it pisses me off to no end to see what the Bush administration is getting away with.
    Al Gore may just be the most boring person on the earth after my Geo prof (who’s class should be used as an antidote to insomnia, by the way.  But I digress).  Who thought it would be a good idea to let him run? 
    And even when the Dems had someone who was workable, they fucked it up.  George Bush was a draft-dodger.  Cheney was a draft-dodger.  The whole goddamned administration is full of draft-dodgers, and yet somehow John Kerry, a decorated veteran is made ou to be a coward?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with not wanting to go to a pointless war, but how did Bush & co get away with painting Kerry as a flip-flopping coward without proper Democratic reaction.  Where they fucking asleep?  AAAARRGH!!!

    It’s a bit off topic, but the intro to chapter 7 of John Stewart’s “America: The Book” basically sums up how I feel about the Democrats.
    *Replace the press with democrats*

    “A free and independent press is essential to the health of a functioning democracy.  It serves to inform the voting public on matters relevant to its well-being.  Why they’ve stopped doing that is a mystery.  I mean, 300 camera crews outside a courthouse to see what Kobe Bryant is wearing when the judge sets his hearing date, while false information used to send our country to war goes unchecked?  What the fuck happened?  Those spineless cowards in the press have finally gone too far.  They have violated a trust.  “Was the president successful in convincing the country?”  Who gives a shit?  Why not tell us if what he said was true?  And the excuses.  My god the excuses! “Hey, we just give the people what they want.” “What can we do, this administration is secretive.” “But the last season of Friends really is news.”  The unmitigated gall of these weak-willed…You’re supposed to be helping us, you indecent piles of shit!  I…fuck it.  Just fuck it…”

    Now I’ve gone and depressed myself.  I’m going for a beer.

    Les/DOF in ‘08.

  15. I can’t speak for DOF, but I’d make a terrible politician let alone a President. I’ve got too much common sense for one thing and too many scruples for another.

  16. But America, nay, the world need your righteous beard to bring justice and equality!

  17. If Les won’t run, I’m not runnin’ either.  But it would have been fun to take bribes and give the money to the political enemies of the bribers.  Then tell them where it came from and watch their heads explode. wink

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