Burning Question: How long did it take me to grow my beard?

OK I said I’d answer your burning questions and so I am, though I’m admittedly starting off with an easy one.

The Bo$$ asked me how long it took me to grow this beard, but I’m not sure if he’s curious how long it takes to grow it to this size or how long I’ve had it so I’ll answer both variations. If I shave down to bare skin it takes around 4 months to grow it back out to its current length. My beard actually grows pretty quickly until it gets to about the point it is now and then it doesn’t seem to get any longer though it does tend to get a lot more straggly looking. When it gets straggly enough I’ll take the electric shears to it and trim it up a bit and then it’ll usually be another couple of months before I have to worry about trimming it again. It’s a very low-maintenance beard which is the main reason I have it.

As to how long I’ve had the current beard, I think the last time I shaved down to bare skin was back around 1996 or so. I remember it mainly because it was prior to my best friend Bill’s wedding and he and his wife-to-be wanted me to be in his wedding party. They sat down with me and we had the following conversation:

Bill: So, Dude, we’re going to get married.
Me: That’s great!
Bill: And we want you to be a groomsman…
Me: Not a problem. I’d be honored.
Bill: … But we have one request… We want you to grow your beard back.
Me: Ooohhhhkay…
Bill: Because, and we mean this is the best possible way, you look a lot better with it even though it’s a pretty crappy beard.
Me: (Laughing) Yes, I know. I’ll grow it back.

Which is the second reason I maintain a beard: Without it I don’t have much of a chin.

Bo$$ asks a bonus question: Is it true you have a brother named Wes? That must’ve been confusing growing up.

Yes, it’s true that I have an older brother named Wes. It’s worse than that, though. My brother’s full name is Wesley Roy Jenkins and my mother, for reasons she’s never been able to properly explain, decided to name me Lesley Troy Jenkins. Once folks hear about this the inevitable question ends up being: Are you twins? No, we’re not. He’s 6 years older than me and we don’t have much family resemblance. Was it confusing? Not for us, but it sure gave my grandmother fits at times and there were a few other adults who were always mixing us up which is really odd when you consider that we couldn’t have been more different from each other. These days my mother has the occasional bout of mixing up our names and that’s usually when I make a tasteless joke about her “gettin’ the Alzheimer’s.”

11 thoughts on “Burning Question: How long did it take me to grow my beard?

  1. I grew up with twins who were “Christopher Allen” and Christian Allan”.  Talk about confusing.

  2. Well, the Hitler mustache (moustache?) has been the source of much comedy however. We can think of it as that twisted man’s gift to the world. smile
    *strokes his beard* long live facial hair!

  3. We can think of it as that twisted man’s gift to the world.

    Well, that and Volkswagon.

  4. Thanks Les! You have to admit, your beard is your most striking visual aspect. Plus it lends itself to so many different personae: hells angel biker, amish dude, old timer.

  5. If you think that is evil my daughter was named after grandmothers as is the family tradition.  But I really wanted Jessy Joy for her and failing that Brandy was my other choice.  Wes was named after my dad Clement Wesley and His other grandfather Roy Jenkins ( only one name for Roy).  When Les was born We still had the same grandfathers so tradition was out of the question.  But two of my favorite boy name were Troy and Leslie.  But to cut down on confusion I spelled Les’name like Wes’ name.

    I know more information that what you ever cared to know.  But hey that’s life!!

  6. It’s a very low-maintenance beard which is the main reason I have it.

    Definitely, it’s just much easier to let it grow because shaving is about complete waste of time, regardless of that face is like rough sandpaper 24 hours later.
    But the real fun begins in army!
    And then some shaved once in a week there…

    *strokes his beard* long live facial hair!

    Also beard is handy at winter, it warms chin very nicely when it’s -27°C (-17°F) outside.
    Although I should have left shaving completely two months ago, “Wolverine”-style facial hairs would warm even more.

  7. For awhile, I dated a guy whose dad had emigrated from the Ural Mountains region of the Soviet Union.  The dad looked like a gorilla, thick dark hair all over.  When his hairy knuckle grabbed onto a screwdriver, oh, what a sight!  A most gentle and protective man, tho.
    The son, my age, began shaving when he was age 12.  The whole time we were dating, he had to shave twice a day because his beard was so stiff and thick that it left brush marks on my fair skin.  It wasn’t the main reason I let him go, but his hairiness was a definite factor.
    My husband couldn’t grow a full beard until after the first baby was born.  It’s like being a dad made him a grown up so he had to look the part.  Now his beard is fine and soft, and does help fill out around the chin.

  8. Les,

    You indicated in the past that you were interested in becoming a preacher (Baptist was it?). I have several questions, mainly about family dynamics.

    At the time you did this were your family members religious?  If so, did any of them fall away from a belief in God before you did?  If so, who? 

    If your family members were not religious while you were contemplating your entry into the clergy, was there any familial tension in regards to what you were contemplating?

    Finally, if your family members were religious, when you had your epiphany regarding the lack of a God, how did this impact your familial relations?

    They are not burning questions.  If the questions are more personal than you intended, feel free to disregard.

  9. I have no problem answering those questions, but I think it would be better to make it into a separate entry. I’ll try to get something up later today.

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