At last! New Doctor Who is coming to America!

If I seem a bit out of breath it’s because I just spent the last ten minutes doing the Happy Dance and I’m really getting too old for that sort of thing, but I couldn’t help myself after receiving an email from Dave Metzener on the BBC’s announcement that Doctor Who is headed state side!

SCI FI Channel and BBC Worldwide Americas announced today a major licensing deal for the first series of the latest Doctor Who adventures.

The 13-part drama is about a mysterious time-travelling adventurer known simply as “The Doctor” (Christopher Eccleston) and his companion, Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). The Doctor and Rose risk death and danger, battling aliens and monsters.

The deal, brokered by Lisa Hofer, Director Co-Production & Sales, BBC Worldwide Americas, grants SCI FI Channel the first run rights for series one with an option for series two. The award-winning series will premiere on SCI FI beginning in March, airing Friday nights at 9.00pm.

Russell T Davies, Head Writer and Executive Producer told us: “The Doctor’s made all sorts of journeys in Time and Space, but this is one of his most exciting yet! I’m a huge fan of the SCI FI Channel, and I’m delighted that Doctor Who is appearing on a channel that supports and enhances the entire genre.”

“With its rich history of imaginative storytelling, Doctor Who is a true sci-fi classic,” stated Thomas P. Vitale, SCI FI’s Senior Vice President, Programming & Original Movies. “We’re excited to add the show to our lineup.”

Commenting on the deal Candace Carlisle, Senior Vice President, BBC Worldwide Americas, said: “The new production has fantastic storylines and production values and has already gained an iconic status around the world. SCI FI Channel is the perfect home for the show and will introduce Doctor Who to a whole new generation of fans in the US.”

Though there is one minor drawback to this announcement:

In addition, BBC Video has moved the US release date of the DVD from February 2006 to July 4, 2006 to capitalize on the exposure from the TV broadcast. As part of the deal, BBC Video and SCI FI Channel have agreed to work together on joint marketing promotions to support the brand launch.

Burton Cromer, Vice President, Consumer Products, BBC Worldwide Americas said: “We are delighted to be working with SCI FI Channel on the launch of this exciting new take on Doctor Who. The additional marketing support from SCI FI, as well their ability to reach such a broad audience base, made moving the release date an easy decision.”

Well, shit. I suppose I can wait a couple more months for my box set of season 1 if it means the show getting a chance to pick up a U.S. audience. The Sci-Fi Channel’s announcement can be read here.

OK, back to doing the Happy Dance some more!

10 thoughts on “At last! New Doctor Who is coming to America!

  1. Yea, I can last a few months longer. I’ve been watching them while working out on my new Video iPod anyway. smile

    I wonder if they will take on Torchwood if Doctor Who takes off.

  2. Les, you could still order the set from as they still show the February 14th release date.

    Oh, by the by, looks like Anne and I will be in jolly ole England on my B-day.  I’m sure I could find something interesting to bring back.  smile

  3. New Doctor Who is coming to America!

    Who’s the new doctor coming to America?

    Sorry…  I’m in that “I’ve suffered for my music for years, and now it’s your turn” mood this morning…

  4. Sure, go ahead, rub it in, HB. Going to England, AGAIN, and not taking me along, AGAIN. grin

    Steg, I’ve already seen the first season thanks to the fact that I live in Michigan and can pick up the CBC, but there’s a lot of DW fans over here who aren’t as fortunate so I’m excited for them.

  5. Someone on a forum I regularly visit did have one worry about Sci Fi picking up Who, namely that they’ll cut out bits to put in more ads.  It will also be interesting to see if a certain character will cause any problems.

  6. What ever they do to it can be as bad as that horrible excuse for a movie called H. G. Wells War of the Worlds that they aired last night (1/14/2006). Oh was that horrible. I had some hopes for that version until it started. Then all bets were off.

  7. It makes no sense!

    Doctor Who is an excellent series but on SCI FI Channel ?  I thought the program managers at the SCI FI Channel were out on a leave of absense?  Their programming SUCKS! With so much great series & movies out there why do they show the same junk over and over again ?

    Maybe Doctor Who will be the start of a
    SCI FI make over—I hope so!
    I know i will keep any eye out for him and those
    cute British assistants that work with him grin

  8. Sci Fi are running this? They’re running actual sci fi? What happened to their mission statement of only showing soft-core porn posing as science fiction?

    jk, it’s about time yankee Doctor Who fans got something thrown their wat.

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