Anti-gay Southern Baptist Pastor arrested for soliciting male prostitute.

It’s the sort of news item that seems to pop up like clockwork these days. Another outspoken anti-gay conservative known for claiming homosexuality can be cured is caught trying to get his gay on by the police.

Lonnie Latham, senior pastor at South Tulsa Baptist Church, was booked into Oklahoma County Jail Tuesday night on a misdemeanor charge of offering to engage in an act of lewdness, police Capt. Jeffrey Becker said. Latham was released on $500 bail Wednesday afternoon.

Latham, who has spoken out against homosexuality, asked the officer to join him in his hotel room for oral sex. Latham was arrested and his 2005 Mercedes automobile was impounded, Becker said.

Latham, of course, denies the charge:

“I was set up. I was in the area pastoring to police.”

The arrest took place in the parking lot of the Habana Inn, which is in an area where the public has complained about male prostitutes flagging down cars, Becker said. The plainclothes officers was investigating these complaints.

Cause, ya know, the one thing police need when they’re in the middle of a sting operation is some idiot trying to “pastorize” them. As always these sorts of stories cause me to reflect on the self-loathing message that’s found in Christian teachings and the apparent damage it does to people such as the good Pastor here turning them into hypocrites and their own worst enemy.

Found via Pharyngula who got it from DefCon Blog.

18 thoughts on “Anti-gay Southern Baptist Pastor arrested for soliciting male prostitute.

  1. Speaking of a “destructive lifestyle” …

    It’‘s actually kind of sad (in a way that still makes me hoot out loud) that Latham’s got some serious internal conflicts.  Wish he could resolve them before he preaches around them.

  2. Now, now…I’m sure the Man of the Cloth was just asking the nice policeman if he wanted to sample his Body of Christ communion wafer.

  3. Hmmmmm, a vicious, ignorant, self-righteous man who uses the Christian faith to spew hatred and bigotry, all to cover up the fear of his own sexuality? Who’s surprised?

  4. I always love it when hypocrites get caught with their pants down. What a dope.

    I wish more extremist fuckwits would out themselves.


  5. As for soliciting Oral Sex, Oral Roberts has been doing that for decades and he never gets in trouble for it.

  6. I’d love to see a “where are they now” report on this guy five years from now.  I imagine he will be the pastor of another church, driving a Beemer and preaching against gays.

  7. I remember when the whole Clinton oral-sex in the White House witchhunt was going on and Larry Flint put it out there that he would pay anyone who had proof that a senator had had extramarital affairs to come to him with the proof.

    Maybe we could get something like that going for these “paragons of virtue” who are preaching hate everyday…

  8. I’d rather these folks just come to grips and accept themselves for who they are instead of what others think they should be. There’s only a few people out there that make asses of themselves on a regular basis—Pat Robertson for example—that I’d consider such tactics with and, honestly, I probably still wouldn’t bother. His idiocy is usually pretty apparent and for those folks who still swallow his shit there’s not much you could reveal that would change their view of him.

  9. Pat Robertson for example

    To speak of the devil (literally, perhaps), it seems he didn’t already make a big enough imbecile of himself last fall with his calls to assasinate Hugo Chavez. Now he’s suggesting to his flock that Ariel Sharon’s recent stroke was God’s wrath?

  10. I imagine he will be the pastor of another church, driving a Beemer and preaching against gays.

    $5 says he’s back in the parking lot of the Habana Inn, flagging down cars.

  11. I’ll let you guys know if I see him there…where I’ll be…pastorizing some godless…muscular…young police…hopefully bicycle cops wearing little tight shorts and…doh! Nevermind. smile

  12. If this man is gay I feel very sorry for him and I wish that he would find supportive psychological help.  I fear that if he does seek help that the ‘help’ that he receives will be homophobic in nature and will actually make things worse.

    Homophobia, social conditioning, and religious brainwashing forces some gays to hate themselves because they fear (or know) that they are what they have been taught to hate. Self hate and denial causes these gays to develop internalized homophobia (ego-dystonic homophobia) which can cause them to become clinicly depressed or even commit suicide.

    Ego-dystonic homophobia also causes gays to do things that ‘prove’ that they are not gay.  Marrying women is probably the most common, some become hyper masculine, some display homophobic behaviors, some become politicians that vote against gay positive legislation, and some become right wing christian ministers.

    I find it outrageous that right wing christians and groups such as NARTH say that increased depression and suicides among younger gay men are an indication that being gay is bad.  The right wing christian groups are major CAUSES of ego-dystonic homophobia, which is what is causing much of the depression and suicide among gay men.

  13. I wish more extremist fuckwits would out themselves.

    Although I have no sympathy for extremist fuckwits, I do have sympathy for gays who are victims of stings such as this.  He did not offer money for sex, he asked for consensual sex.  Would this have been an issue if he had asked a women to go to his room to have oral sex?

    I wish that extremist fuckwits, or anybody else, who are denying to themselves that they are gay would admit to themselves that they are gay and get proper help.  See my previous post.

    Involuntary outting anybody is extremely rude and is totally wrong.  If somebody is gay and is in denial, forced outting will make things worse. 

    The US Supreme Court has struck down a Texas state law banning private consensual sex between adults of the same sex.  Newspapers and TV stations that publish articles about gays who are busted in consensual sex ‘stings’, do it simply for shock value, with the cooperation or even at the request of the police.

    How many newspapers or TV stations publish articles about men who are busted in sex ‘stings’ for asking women to have consensual sex with them? 

    Many gays are not ‘out’ for a variety of reasons.  Some are not out because they are denying it to themselves (which is a Bad Thing).  There are a number of gays who realize that they are gay and accept it, yet for various reasons are not ‘out’.  Many gays don’t consider their sexuality to be a secret, they simply consider it to be nobody else’s business. 

    Being ‘out’, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, can be hazardous to one’s career—or to one’s health, as in the cases of Matthew Shepard, Jody Dobrowski, Dick Jefferson, Ryan Smith, and many, many others.

    There are some people who believe that it is wrong to not be completely ‘out’.  There are several reasons for this belief; one reason is so that society would realize how many gay people there really are and people would realize how many people that they know are gay, another reason is that for some people it may help prevent ego-dystonic homophobia.

    I believe that forcibly outting somebody, no matter how much of an extremist fuckwit they may be, is a very bad thing to do.  These people need proper help, not bashing.

  14. Forcibly outing someone is wrong, and if someone leaves others alone, I would never condone it.  If they promote discrimination and hatred, all bets are off because they are hurting people – badly!

    Blackmail?  That’s such an ugly word.  I prefer “alternative methods of persuasion…”

  15. If they promote discrimination and hatred, all bets are off because they are hurting people – badly!

    The guy is probably an asshole, but he seriously needs help.  I seriously doubt that any ‘help’ that he will get will do any good because it is likely to be NARTH flavored reparative therapy and all it will do is increase his self loathing, which is likely to increase his hatred. 

    I know a guy who has had reparative therapy, it screwed him up so badly that he will probably never be right.

    The people who ‘outted’ him didn’t do it because he promotes discrimination and hatred, they did it because they themselves were gay bashing and promoting discrimination and hatred.

  16. Sure he needs help, and it’s sad he was outed.  I’m just sayin’ my sympathy for him is well under control given the pain he caused others.

    “Reparative therapy” sounds horrible.

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