X-MEN 3 teaser trailer is now online.

I’ve never been a big fan of The X-Men comic book, but I have enjoyed the movies. Now it appears the teaser trailer is available for the third installment due in March 2006. Looks pretty good even if I’m not sure what the hell is going on.

7 thoughts on “X-MEN 3 teaser trailer is now online.

  1. Les, if the movie is anything like a leaked script, it won’t be pretty to fans and non-fans alike, but at least we a have a groovy trailer to trip on.

  2. Put not your faith in leaked scripts.

    The trailer was—meh.  A couple of new (old) X-Men.  The rest we’ve seen.

    That said, I’m still looking forward to it.

  3. Hmmm, since Jean Grey is in there and she seemd to be “a wee bit overpowered”, shall we assume this will involve the Pheonix?  Also, with all of the destruction and the talk of a large fight, looks like Sentinels will be in this one as well.  Either way, I’m definitely looking forward to this one.  X2 did not let me down and I hope this won’t as well.

  4. The “large fight” looks to be an open showdown between the X-folk and Magneto’s army.  No sign of Sentinels (alas)—I’d have expected at least a veiled hint in the trailer (big shadows, giant hand, glowing eye, something).

    And, yeah, Phoenix looks to be here.  Now—will they let the Dark Phoenix story line build another movie?

  5. I was really excited about this movie when Bryan Singer was still directing, but not nearly so much now. Among other concerns, I feel like they had a pretty good narrative thread going, that will now likely be totally interrupted. A lot of the cool ideas Singer had talked about at one time or another seem to have been thrown out. I was particularly looking forward to the further development of Colossus, as he’s my favorite X-Man and as the actor playing him wasn’t exactly hard on the eyes, but it seems neither of them is anywhere in sight now. Plus, BEN FREAKING FOSTER as Angel? And how do you like these apples?

    I mean, I’m a glutton for punishment, so I’ll probably let myself get excited about it, but I’m pretty sure this will all end in tears.

  6. I had heard a rumour that we would get to see Colossus and Wolverine perform their patented “Fastball Special”. I was really looking forward to seeing that on the big screen. It doesn’t look as if that is going to happen now though. I would really liked to have seen a tussle between Colossus and Juggernaut as well. Juggy would have come out on top, but it would make for some great visuals anyway.
        I have no idea what they are thinking with Spiderman 3 either. Topher Grace as Venom? They say he’s “bulking up” for the role, but how big can the skinny little guy get? The Eddie Brock character is a hefty boy!
        They had it all set up for the Lizard to step in after introducing Doc Conners. Now we’re going to have Venom, Sandman, and Harry Osbourne (As Hobgoblin? Say what?).
        I realize they have to make some changes here and there to make a film palatable to a wider audience other than just comic collectors, but some of the things they pull are just plain strange. (Wolverine as a full fledged X-Man while Bobby Drake is still a student- even though Iceman was an X-Man before the Wolverine character was ever introduced.)
        Oh well…..I’ll be there for both movies at any rate. They can’t be any worse than Daredevil.

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