We’re getting an early start on winter in Michigan.

We got a half-foot of snow last night and Courtney’s school is closed today. Figures the day I start a new job after a 10 month layoff and the week before the weekend we’re planning on moving into my in-laws is the day we’d get the first snowstorm of the season. Normally I’d love having this much snow this early as it gets me into the Yuletide spirit, but this year it’s a major inconvenience. Fortunately my new boss sent me an email saying that I could delay my start time today because the roads are such a mess and he’d still pay me for a full day, but I’m still going to try and get there as soon as I can. First I need to drop Anne off and see if they’re going to keep her for the full day. Then I’ll take my time getting to work so as to stay out of trouble. Life is such a roller coaster sometimes.

5 thoughts on “We’re getting an early start on winter in Michigan.

  1. Congrats on the new Gig!  There’s nearly nuthin’ I hate more than looking for a job.

    I hate your weather news though.  OH being down (jet)stream from MI, I’m guessing I’ll be getting what you’re dealin’ with by the morn.

    Still, congrats!

  2. One of the few times we hardly got anything in Mt. Pleasant where I am at school, but my family down in Canton just got snow heaped on them. We’re used to it by this time of the year. Although that doesn’t mean I wasn’t out doing donuts int he parking lot last night. 😀

  3. Man, you’re on the easy side of the state. Our total for the year is already well over two feet. Pain in the ass stuff…


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