Today is SEB’s 4 year Blogoversary!

Hard to believe, but I’ve been doing this blogging thing for 4 years now. When I first started off I didn’t have a whole helluva lot of interest to say and I don’t even think my family was visiting my site at the time. Today SEB generates around 3 million page hits a month with around 85,000 visitors. We’re referrer spammed so much that just keeping the site from being taken down for too much processor time used up is a challenge. There’s 3564 entries (counting this one) and an amazing 34,378 comments. This has been a slow year for me in terms of adding new entries in part because I’ve been busy trying to get re-employed, but I’m still amazed at how SEB has grown in four years time.

Of course it wouldn’t be all that interesting if it had just been me talking to myself all this time so I’m very grateful that some of you folks feel SEB is worth dropping by on a day to day basis to share your views and thoughts on the hot air I’ve been blowing around. Many of you have gone above and beyond the call to help me and my family out during my unemployment and I can not express in words how much we appreciate it. Thanks for the past 4 years and I look forward to many more yet to come.

17 thoughts on “Today is SEB’s 4 year Blogoversary!

  1. Congrats, Les!  We’re all glad you decided to start this blog—so thought provoking entries, and sooooo many countless hours of entertainment.  <3 SEB grin

  2. I’ll second that.  What a wonderful playground you’ve provided for us, with swings and slides and lots of playmates (some kinda weird, but what the hey)…

  3. Les: Longtime lurker and recent contibutor. Thanks for all that you do and say here. I’ve enjoyed reading your dispatches from the unemployed. I have just recently returned to world of the tax-paying and I hope to donate soon. (Visa and mortgage, sadly, must be dealt with first.) Thanks man!

  4. Congratulations Les!  I just love this little sandbox at the corner of Insanity and Reason.  I’ve often described reading threads here akin to watching a train wreck in slow motion. Fascinating and disturbing.

  5. While insanely jealous of your numbers, I’m also pleased as punch to have been one of your readers over the past year or two.  Happy Blogoversary!

  6. We had some great times discussing and reading politics and such on your site, Les. And for many of us, you’re probably the closest person we’ve never actually met.

    Here’s to the next 4 years. Maybe by then, you’ll host SEB on your own server farm, if page hits keep rising like that wink

  7. I’d just like to point out it was your (insightful) idea to allow people to post here other than you and Brock (was that all?).

  8. Arc, originally the only Guest Bastard was Eric Paulsen who is someone I’ve known personally for years and who has much to say that I thought the world should have a chance to hear. I couldn’t convince him to start his own blog so I got him to participate here on occasion. Later I added Brock and VernR to the list mainly because they were always sending me good ideas for entries (speaking of VernR, haven’t seen him in awhile).

    To this day those three people can submit an entry and have it published without it going into a pending mode beforehand. Not so much because I think they’re especially good writers as much as it just seemed like a rude thing to take that away after letting them have it for so long. I added the ability for guest posts mainly because there were so many folks who had good entry ideas that were emailing to me that it just seemed easier to let them submit them as full-fledged entries. I’m glad you think it was a good idea. I’ve always thought it made SEB a bit more of a community.

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