The sad part is, I know that carol.

9 thoughts on “The sad part is, I know that carol.

  1. You also know you are caroling with a gamer if while preparing he runs ahead yelling “LEEEEEEROY JEEEEENKINS!!!”.

  2. Oh man… I remember Leeroying in SM before I knew what Leeroy was. They were like, “Pat, you run in there and do your thing”.. so I charge in and then this huge paragraph of strategy comes up and then
    omg he ran in… go! go!

    I’m not a big fan of where the game’s headed, but there were a few classic moments. I think for me, though, instead of carolling, I’d be toasting the Alliance and thanking the Grand Marshal for putting this wonderful Tauren on the table for dinner.

  3. Ok – someone please tell me what/who Leeroy Jenkin is/means…Ive heard it plenty of times and still havent asked yet.

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