The Big Move is turning out to be bigger than we thought.

You never fully realize just how much crap you’ve managed to accumulate over the years until you try to pack it all up into boxes and haul it to another town. When you have a complete lack of organizational skills, like I do, the project can quickly become very overwhelming. Needless to say we did not manage to get everything moved all at once over the weekend. We ended up canceling the Uhaul rental and made do with the van we have access to thanks to the kind folks at Compeople. So far I’ve moved the couch, futon and easy chair along with my own and Courtney’s PCs and roughly eight or so boxes of stuff. Still to make the transition is Anne’s PC, which is the only net enabled PC in the house at the moment, three book cases, my computer desk, Anne’s computer desk, a few chairs we use to sit at our desks, and who knows how many boxes of crap that still hasn’t been packed up yet. There’s still several partial PCs that I need to go through and strip for usable parts and then discard the rest and a few other things that need to be tossed out rather than dragged across town before we’re done. In short, we’ve got a good start this weekend, but there’s still a lot to do.

I’m hoping that we’ll actually have enough stuff in place by this Friday that we’ll be sleeping there rather than here. The fact that I am currently sans Internet access short of using Anne’s computer will act as a big motivator in getting the job done sooner rather than later despite the complaints of my already sore body. Which is the other thing you come to realize when you do a move—just how out of shape you really are. Anne is continuing to pack stuff up while I’m at work and then once I get home I’ll load up the van and make another trip out to Brighton where we’ll have dinner after unloading all the stuff.

I’m very fortunate to have Anne’s parents for in-laws as they have really gone out of their way to make this experience as painless as possible. We were surprised to see that they had new carpeting installed in the bedrooms we’ll be making use of and the basement has been rearranged such that we shouldn’t have any problems storing our stuff there. Some things, like the bookcases, will be stored in the garage as well so we don’t end up taking over the basement completely with our belongings. So we’re not as far along as we had hoped to be by now, but are probably further along than we imagined once we realized how big the task was really going to be.

In the meantime expect posts and comments from yours truly to be even thinner than usual over the next few days as I’ll only have the odd occasion at work to check on SEB until we’re settled and I figure out how we’re going to hook our machines up to my mother-in-law’s DSL service.

2 thoughts on “The Big Move is turning out to be bigger than we thought.

  1. I hear you! I didn’t realize what a clotheshorse I was until this past weekend – and I was just moving 11 miles across town.

    You might look around and see if there’s anything that can be craigslisted. It’s not the best time of year for selling things, and you might not have anything that isn’t dead that you’d want to sell; but if you can get someone to come take the stuff and give you a few bucks rather than have to tote and store it or dump it…it saves you a small bit of work.

  2. I’m going to have to tote it regardless at this point. I need to have all the major furniture moved in by this weekend so I can give the van back to Compeople so we’re probably going to end up with a bunch of stuff piled on the floor of the apartment until we can sort it and box it just so we can get the bookshelves and desks and such moved.

    Then next week during my time off from work we’ll go back and finish boxing the rest up and move it in with the car. I may end up ringing up a couple of local friends and asking if they’d like to help move boxes with their vehicles in an attempt to keep the number of trips to a minimum.

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