The Big Move is almost over.

Yesterday was a big day for those of us working on The Big Move. Real-life friend and occasional SEB commenter JethricOne showed up with his very uncool, but very spacious minivan and proceeded to load up boxes like a mad man along with Bob and SEB contributor Eric Paulsen. Eric has a back condition similar to my own and, like me, is a bit on the heavy side so the two of us together kinda added up to one non-back-problem-suffering person. We loaded up Bob’s, Eric’s and my own car with all the stuff that wasn’t boxed or that was just oddly shaped and, surprisingly enough, we managed to get 98% of what needed to be moved into the four vehicles and then headed out caravan-style for the wilderness that is Hamburg, Michigan. I know I’ve been saying I’m moving to Brighton, but the truth is my in-laws actually live in Hamburg and just have a Brighton mailing address. It’s kind of like when I lived in Gingellville, but told everyone I lived in Orion Township because A) that was what our mailing address was and B) nobody had ever heard of Gingellville.

So we got it all loaded up and unloaded in record time and I was feeling mighty relieved because I could’ve sworn it was going to take two trips and my back wasn’t holding up and it was getting dark. J1 borrowed my copy of Neil Gaiman’s Smoke and Mirrors he had spotted through the opening in the banana boxes we packed the books in and then hurried back off towards home and family. A small price to pay for such valuable help to be sure. Eric and Bob stuck around long enough to have a bowl of homemade beef stew and then we all trekked out to see if we couldn’t catch a showing of the latest Harry Potter flick seeing as Anne and I had passes to the local theater. We got there only to find the place literally packed with a line for tickets that looked like something you’d find at Cedar Point. We jumped into the much shorter line for the automated ticket machines only to find the show was sold out which really surprised me because it’s been out since before Thanksgiving. So we gave up and Eric and Bob headed home.

Today we’re about to head back to the apartment for what we believe will be the last time. Kathy, my mother-in law, and Amber, one of my sister-in-laws, will be tagging along to help us with the final cleanup in preparation for turning in the keys. Plus Amber’s truck will be useful for hauling the final few remaining items—Courtney’s bike and several lamps mostly—back here to the house. I had hoped to take pictures of the whole process, but when we returned the Compeople van last Saturday as we were headed up to my parent’s place for Christmas Eve festivities my digital camera fell out of my coat pocket into the van and that’s where it’s been since then. I hope to pick it up today after we’re done at the apartment and then I’ll take a picture of my little computer fort in the basement here made mostly from the stacks of boxes of all our crap we’re storing here.

I spent 7 years in that apartment, which is about 5 more than I had planned on, and I have to admit it’s weird to not think of it as home anymore. Just the same, this new situation we find ourselves in just before the start of a new year will hopefully be leading to bigger and better things to come. The important thing is we’re safe, sound, and together. I’m looking forward to the next few months as I can’t help but be more than a little optimistic about them. Time, as always, will tell.

4 thoughts on “The Big Move is almost over.

  1. You have my commends – you’re a lot more optimistic about this than you were a month or two ago. Here’s to hoping the rest of the world lives up to that optimism (for once raspberry).

  2. Congratulations on (nearly) completing the move! It’s never fun, and when moving from one place to another I realize what a packrat I have become; but it’s always nice to not only get everything moved, but get the living area fixed up like you want. Coffeemaker, comfortable chair, books, computer…

    Best of luck with the new job, the new year, and the new-and-temporary digs!

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