Testing TinyMCE in EE.

One of the cooler new features in EE 1.4 is the addition of Extensions—an add-on that’s more than a plugin, but not as extensive as a module—which allows you to expand what EE can do by hooking directly into various aspects of the system without having to hack the code. One of the first extensions available allows you to incorporate the WYSIWYG editor called TinyMCE into EE’s publish page so that’s what I’m testing out now.

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7 thoughts on “Testing TinyMCE in EE.

  1. Gosh! I thought it was obvious…and still do.
    God gave the gift of science to mankind
    1)So that man may better appreciate His handiwork…
    2)So that mankind (irritable little bastards) would confound themselves with science and blow themselves to smithereens in a nuclear conflagration…or
    3)That man would get it totally wrong and convince himself that God doesn’t really exist and therefore not be on guard or expecting it when The Almighty finally decides to get even with his cretons…er…creations. 
      However one reasons it, He still comes out on top.  That’s how we know it must be Him.  He tends to get away with it.  I mean God does. 
      By the way, I found that Santa’s elf hat you were wearing way out on the bicycle trail.  I brought it home in order to launder it…and it vanished into thin air.  Next thing I know my In Box is packed with foriegners soliciting me to take a job laundering their ill-gotten gains. 
      Speculation: Could it be that Santa has the power to blind mens minds so that men can’t see him?  Oh.  That’s The Shadow.  Nevermind.  I always wondered how Lamont Cranston knew FOR SURE who was naughty or nice…

  2. But, see, it *is* on topic!  See, God is the Rich Editor of the Text (“Word”) that is the World (“Logos”)!  And we are all but extensions to the system He has created—Tiny little extensions, less than modules but greater than plugins!  And … um … What You See (with God) is What You Get!  And … uh … um …

    No, never mind, it’s really not on topic.

  3. You really do have a way of bringing them out don’t you, Les?  Haha!

    Anyway, Merry Everything form all of mine to all of yours.  I hope the season is treating you well, buddy!

  4. No, never mind, it’s really not on topic.

    No, but but what is ever really on topic?  Very nice metaphor, Dave. LOL

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